Kevin Levrone Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Height, Relationship, Natural, & Career

Kevin Levrone Net Worth – Kevin Levrone is an American professional bodybuilder, musician, blogger, and an IFBB Hall of Famer. Apart from bodybuilding, Kevin has starred in some movies and also has his own company of Supplements.

Kevin is one of the most successful American bodybuilders, who is also known as the Maryland Muscle Machine.

Kevin Levrone Net Worth

Kevin Levrone Net Worth

This article deals with the complete analysis of the former American bodybuilder Kevin Levrone in detail.

Info – Kevin Levrone Net Worth

Category: Richest Athletes
Net Worth: $2 Million
Date of Birth: Jul 16, 1965 (58 years old)
Place of Birth: Baltimore
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession: Bodybuilder, Actor, Musician, Entrepreneur
Nationality: Italy

Early Life Of Kevin Levrone

Kevin Mark Levrone was born on 16th July 1964 in Maryland. Kevin has a huge family, and he is one of the sixth siblings in the family.

His Italian-American father and African-American mother raised him. A tragic incident took place at his younger age when he lost his father at the age of 7, and his mother died when he was in high school.

The tragic incident shook him and his siblings, but they had to get out of the dark times. Both of his parents died of cancer and he too was worried about his health.

When he met one of his cousins, who had served in the military and had a huge physique, he too decided to build a strong body.

Professional Career Of Kevin Levrone

Kevin decided to build a strong body

to avoid his parent’s fate. He started to live a healthy life. Kevin had to start from the bottom and he did. He started participating in local shows. Kevin’s professional career started in the year 1991 when he won his first NPC finals.

He did not stop there and he wanted to climb the mountain of achievement. One after another, he participated in different competitions and won first place.

He was not so fortunate to win Mr Olympia in the first place but he managed to snatch the position of 2nd place, many times.

Throughout his professional career, he won 23 pro shows in total. Ronnie Coleman broke the indissoluble record.

The Barrier in Professional Career

When Kevin was on his journey to becoming one of the greatest Bodybuilders, it did not come to him easily. In 1993, he had severe injuries on his minor-major pectorals. He had his injuries after his first participation in Mr Olympia. He had to go through reattachment surgeries.

Everyone thought that Kevin’s career was blocked because of his injuries, but Kevin proved all wrong and participated in the contest shape of 1994-Mr.Olympia. Kevin did not let his injuries be a permanent barrier to his professional career.

Kevin Levrone Net Worth 2023

As per our calculation, the former professional bodybuilder Kevin Levrone Net Worth 2023 is approximately 2 Million USD. Kevin has diversified sources of income, but the major contributor is his professional bodybuilding.

He is also a musician, actor, and entrepreneur that have helped Kevin Levrone Net worth to the whopping amount of around 2 million USD.

Kevin is one of the successful bodybuilders and has a huge fan following on social media. His fans love to see his training videos and posts, which have helped him become one of the millionaire bodybuilders.

Is Kevin Levrone Natural?

Kevin Levrone, an American professional bodybuilder, is well known for his remarkable career in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). He was one of the most successful competitors of his time, frequently placing in the top five in Mr. Olympia competitions and winning numerous professional bodybuilding titles.

However, the question of whether Levrone is “natural,” that is, whether he achieved his physique without the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), is a topic of frequent discussion.

Bodybuilding, particularly at the professional level, is a sport often associated with PEDs such as anabolic steroids. These substances can dramatically increase muscle mass and decrease body fat, allowing competitors to attain the extreme levels of muscularity and leanness required for success in the bodybuilding stage.

Levrone has never publicly admitted to using steroids or other PEDs, and it is crucial to note that accusations without concrete evidence should not be considered definitive proof.

However, the reality of professional bodybuilding suggests that the use of PEDs is commonplace, and the level of muscularity and conditioning that competitors like Levrone achieve is difficult, if not impossible, to reach naturally.

This doesn’t detract from Levrone’s accomplishments. Regardless of whether he used PEDs, his dedication to training, nutrition, and the mental discipline required to excel in bodybuilding are beyond question.

Achieving a professional bodybuilding physique requires countless hours in the gym, rigorous dietary control, and immense mental fortitude, and Levrone excelled in all of these areas.

It is also worth mentioning that while PEDs can enhance muscle growth and fat loss, they don’t replace hard work. They are not a magic potion that creates a championship physique out of nothing.

They can aid in recovery and allow athletes to train harder and more frequently, but without the necessary dedication to training and diet, their effects would be minimal.

In conclusion, while we cannot definitively say whether Kevin Levrone is natural due to a lack of concrete evidence and his own silence on the matter, the likelihood, considering the nature of professional bodybuilding, is that he, like many of his peers, used PEDs to aid in achieving his physique.

It’s crucial, however, not to let this potential fact diminish the recognition of his accomplishments and dedication to the sport of bodybuilding.

Life Post-competition

Kevin took retirement from bodybuilding in 2018 but, before that, for the last time he took participated in Mr Olympia 2016 at the age of 51.

He landed in 17th place, but all were amazed to see his dedication at so elder age. He drew more attention from people than new contestants of Mr Olympia did.

After his official retirement, he developed an interest in other sports such as tennis and golf. In 2016, he launched an online training platform named Kevin is fond of music and he is a musician.


For his strong built physique, Kevin was offered several roles in movies. His debut film appearance was in 1996 in the movie, “THE BATTLE FOR THE OLYMPIA I: 1996”. The Battle for the Olympia has sequels and Kevin has starred in all the series.

Apart from The Battle Sequel, he has starred in “KEVIN LEVRONE: MARYLAND MUSCLE MACHINE M3 BODYBUILDING”, and Backlash.

He has earned a good amount of bucks from his appearances in movies, which has been a contributory factor to his net worth of 2 Million.

Kevin Levrone As Entrepreneur

Kevin Levrone launched his own company with the name Kevin Levrone-Signature Series. His company provides supplements and nutrients to the seekers. Kevin Levrone Signature Series also sells Men’s and Women’s sports clothes.

His brand name has helped him in selling his products. Just like any other bodybuilder, Kevin has a successful company of supplements after retirement.

Kevin Levrone Career Highlights and Facts

  • Kevin is the youngest of six siblings. At his younger age, when both of his parents and some relatives died out of cancer, he too was worried about his health, as he did not want his family’s fate.
  • Kevin took part in 67 IFBB professional contests and out of which he has won 23 pro shows.
  • Kevin’s participation in 2016 Mr. Olympia was a shocking one, as he was inactive in bodybuilding since 2003. Although he never publically announced his retirement.
  • In his last competition, he won 13th place out of 14th competitors.
  • Kevin always wants his body to have an element of surprise, so he keeps changing his workout routine.
  • Kevin’s favorite exercises are Flat benches, Squats, and Bent Over Rows.
  • Kevin follows a strict diet and never cheats on his meals. He also takes necessary supplements before a workout.
  • Kevin has released 2 solo singles named–All Mine and See the Light.

Personal Life Of Kevin Levrone

Kevin has been private about his personal life. He has one son, Gabe Levrone. Kevin has named his son after his older brother- Gabe.

In his early life, Kevin had no intention of coming down to the bodybuilding profession. When he saw his cousin with a splendid physique, he was inspired by him to have a muscular body.

Wrapping Up

As of the year 2021, the retired bodybuilding professional Kevin Levrone Net Worth has been noted as around 2 million, which is expected to rise even more in upcoming years.

His brand name, his company, his online training platform, his YouTube channel, his acting skills, his passion for music, and lastly his professional career have supported him to have a net worth of 2 Million.