Jay Cutler Bodybuilder Net Worth, Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

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Jason Isaac Cutler known as Jay Cutler is an American IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and he has earned that name and fame by working hard. He has really so talented, he remained four times winner of Mr. Olympia in the years 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010. Issac has even worked in the business of his brother and it was his brother’s concrete construction business, Cutler Bros. It was when he was just 11 years old and he also had embarked on his training when he was just 18 years old.Jay Cutler Bodybuilder

Jay Cutler Bodybuilder net worth, age, height, Instagram, wiki and lesser-known facts

Real Name Jason Isaac Cutler
Date of Birth August 3, 1973
Place of Birth Sterling, Massachusetts, United States
Profession Bodybuilder
Age 47 Years as of Nov 2020
Height 178 cm
Weight 118-132 kg
Net Worth $30 Million Estimated
Nationality United States
Social Media Instagram – jaycutler

Twitter – mrojaycutler

Facebook Page – JayCutler4x

Jay Cutler Bodybuilder Basic information

He had completed his graduation from Quinsigamond Community College in the year 1993 with a degree in Criminal justice. The field of bodybuilding is full of commitments so when he had decided to enter into this field after having a conversation with Marcos Rodriguez. His encounter with him changed everything and he decided that he is going to be a bodybuilder. He then took his first overall win in 1993 at the Iron bodies’ invitational.

Beginning of Jay Cutler Bodybuilder Career

Jay Cutler Bodybuilder career began in the year 1992 when he had participated in the Gold’s Gym Worcester Bodybuilding Championships. When he was in school, there were many incidents that inspired him to become and choose this path. Slowly and steadily he started moving towards this field and it made him, of course, realize so many things about life.

Personal information

Bodybuilders have nothing but their body and mind is everything for them and that we can see into their personality. He is forty- six years old and he is 5ft and 10 inches (178cm) tall. He weighs 260IB (118 kg) in the time of contests and the weight changes to 290IB (132kg) when he is not competing and is offseason. The upper arm is 22 inches (56cm) and chest size is 58 inches (150 cm), his thigh size is 30 inches (76cm). His waist size is 34 in (85 cm) and his calf size is 20 inches (51cm). While seeing his body anyone would think it is not possible, it is only possible superficially. But this is also true it is possible when someone is ready to put their heart and soul.

Ups and downs

Throughout his career, there were many ups and down,s and those days helped him a lot to live life. When he had become the third Mr. Olympia in history and he had defeated the champion, Dexter Jackson, in 2009. Then he had won his fourth Mr. Olympia title and this time he defeated Phil Heath. In the year 2011, Cutler was even runner- up to Heath at Mr. Olympia. But then in the year 2012, he was not able to compete at Mr. Olympia because of a biceps injury. Then he got ranked at 6th and he went again for competing for Olympia in the year 2013.

He says, life is full of adventure and fun, and those who believe in it and it will also be full of struggle. When a moment of crisis comes it surely helps people to uplift themselves. Those who do it are the ones who truly deserve better things in their lives.

What became his motivation?

When anyone wants to ask this question from me, then, I surely do have so many things to tell on it. But the very first thing want to tell people who are close to me is that I never looked for inspiration outside, It always came from inside. So those who are able in looking for inspiration inside can truly achieve something for which they are looking. Well, in my childhood days, deciding that I want to be nothing less than a bodybuilder gave me continuous strength. But when I grew up, I forgot that I have some goal in my life, but then in high school, I got to know I like bodybuilding anything else in the world. My own strength became an inspiration and my own strength helped me a lot to reach the right place.

Words for youth

Those who are looking their future into ‘bodybuilding they must be preparing for a few things’. That it is a profession full of passion, it is a profession full of commitment and those who are really ready to work on these two things then. It is so sure that people can go and choose their desire to achieve something in their lives. But it is also true that without the following two things a person will never be able to definitely win. The only thing youths need to learn is that ‘patience is the key to everything’. When a person is ready to maintain patience they will surely be able to achieve and this is very necessary for any youth to learn.

His relationship and affair

Well, he has never been with an affair but he was in a relationship and he shared this with his fans. Long ago he got separated from his wife but now he is with someone else. He is engaged with fitness model Angie Feliciano.  About his family, he says, he was very close to his family and they have always inspired him and motivated him throughout his career. The family has played a vital role and it also made him realize there is nothing beautiful than family and their love.


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