Hunter Labrada Net Worth, Wife, Family, Age, Height, Weight, Facts, & Diet


Hunter Labrada Net Worth, Wife, Family, Age, Height, Weight, Facts, & DietThere are a few names in the bodybuilding industry that elicit as much respect as the Labrada family.


Hunter Labrada, taking after his father’s impressive legacy, has carved out a notable reputation within the realm of bodybuilding. 

Hunter Labrada Net Worth, Wife, Family, Age, Height, Weight, Facts, & Diet

Hunter Labrada Net Worth


In this exploration, we uncover the intricacies of his existence, ranging from his remarkable wealth, marital status, ancestral background, nationality, age, and physical characteristics, to intriguing lesser-known details about his life, dietary habits, and beyond.

Early Life and Family

Born on the 17th of March, 1992, Hunter Labrada is currently 31 years old. He hails from Texas, USA, making him a proud American by nationality.


Hunter was not just born into a regular family, but a dynasty in the bodybuilding world. His father, Lee Labrada, is a former IFBB Mr. Universe and a Hall of Famer in bodybuilding.

Given this context, it is unsurprising that Hunter was profoundly influenced from a young age by his father’s resolute passion for the sport.

Hunter Labrada Net Worth & Career

Hunter Labrada has built an impressive career in bodybuilding. He won the NPC Nationals in 2018, which was a stepping stone into the professional bodybuilding arena. In 2020, he clinched victory at the Tampa Pro, which was his debut in professional bodybuilding.

By virtue of his victories, coupled with numerous sponsorships and endorsement agreements, Hunter Labrada’s net worth has grown substantially.

As of 2023, he proudly possesses a net worth of $1.5 million, serving as a testament to his remarkable accomplishments and unwavering commitment to his chosen pursuit.


Physical Attributes

One look at Hunter Labrada, and you’d be instantly taken in by his impressive physique. He stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches and weighs around 255 pounds during the off-season, which he meticulously trims down to about 235 pounds during the competition season. His well-proportioned body and muscular development are hallmarks of his commitment to bodybuilding.

Personal Life

In terms of personal life, Hunter Labrada is a happily married man. He tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Brittany Labrada. The couple has been blessed with a child, adding another potential bodybuilder to the Labrada lineage.

The Labrada Diet

No conversation about a bodybuilder is complete without discussing diet, and Hunter Labrada is no exception. His nutritional regime is as rigorous and disciplined as his workout routine.

Hunter focuses on a high-protein diet, consuming lean meats, complex carbs, and healthy fats.

His dietary intake fluctuates depending upon whether he is in his off-season or gearing up for a competition, but the central tenet remains the same – fuel the body efficiently for maximum muscle growth and recovery.


Lesser-known Facts

While we’ve covered some of the more standard aspects of Hunter Labrada’s life, there are a few lesser-known tidbits that fans might find interesting.

Did you know that Hunter Labrada holds a degree in business from Texas A&M University? It seems that his pursuits are not limited to the physical alone.

In addition, Hunter is not the only athlete in his family aside from his father. His younger brother, Blade Labrada, is a competitive powerlifter, adding another feather to the family’s athletic cap.

Growing Up Labrada

Being born to a bodybuilding legend, you would expect Hunter Labrada’s upbringing to be unique, and indeed it was. During his childhood, Hunter spent endless hours in the gym, observing his father meticulously shape his renowned physique.

Hunter admits that his father’s career in bodybuilding significantly influenced his own trajectory in the sport.


However, Lee Labrada was not just a physical mentor for Hunter but a philosophical guide as well. The senior Labrada instilled in his son the principles of discipline, focus, and tenacity.

This guidance laid a solid foundation for Hunter’s bodybuilding journey, creating an environment conducive to physical and mental growth.

An Education in Business

While his dedication to bodybuilding is clear, what’s perhaps less known about Hunter is his academic background. Hunter obtained a Business degree from Texas A&M University upon his graduation.

His academic pursuit reveals a versatile and well-rounded personality. It also provides a safety net, ensuring that he has options beyond the world of bodybuilding.

This kind of forward-thinking is typical of the Labrada family. His father, Lee Labrada, successfully transitioned from bodybuilding into entrepreneurship, creating the successful Labrada Nutrition line. It’s no surprise to see the younger Labrada also embodying this entrepreneurial spirit.


A Competitive Family

It’s evident that athletic prowess runs deep in the Labrada family. Hunter’s younger brother, Blade Labrada, has carved out a niche for himself in the competitive world of powerlifting. The younger Labrada is steadily making a name for himself, proving that he too is a force to be reckoned with.

This love for physical fitness and competition is a testament to the Labrada family’s enduring commitment to health and fitness. It also indicates the strong family bonds within the Labrada household, where everyone shares a common passion.

The Future of Hunter Labrada

While Hunter Labrada has achieved a lot already, it’s clear that his journey in the bodybuilding industry is far from over. His determination, commitment, and skill set him up for a promising future.

Whether it’s upcoming competitions, potential sponsorships, or expanding his own brand within the fitness world, the possibilities are limitless.

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Hunter Labrada is a name that has become synonymous with discipline, determination, and dedication.

From his family lineage to his personal achievements, his life is a testament to the fact that hard work, combined with a healthy dose of natural talent, can create champions.

As he continues to carve out his path in the bodybuilding world, fans, and fitness enthusiasts can look forward to many more exciting accomplishments from this American powerhouse.

Hope now you know everything related to Hunter Labrada Net Worth, Family, Age, Height, Weight, & Diet.