Ronnie Coleman: Details Of Retired American Bodybuilder

Ronnie Coleman is an American retired bodybuilder. He is one of the strongest bodybuilders for a reason- as he has won the title of Mr Olympia eight years in a row. Ronnie once held the record for most wins, with 26 titles as an IFBB professional. Dexter Jackson eventually broke the unbreakable record. This article deals with the current Ronnie Coleman. 

His exceptional record of winning Mr Olympia for straight 8 years has earned his name- “GOAT”- Greatest of All Time.

Early Life Of Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie was born on 13 May 1964 in Louisiana. Ronnie’s mother single-handedly raised him and his siblings. Ronnie has one younger brother and two sisters. He became famous in high school for his strong imposing figure and his dominance over others of his age, in playing high-level football.

Ronnie wanted to be stronger than his peers, so from there, he decided to gain strength and fitness. His determination of strength then became his motivation for weight lifting and his fitness journey started from then onward.

Early Life Struggle

Although, he was into fitness from high school; he did not choose bodybuilding as a professional career from the beginning. In his early life, he had to struggle. After completion of his graduation, he took up the job in Domino’s Pizza. He was so poor at that time that he used to eat complimentary pizza because he could not offer to eat outside.

Ronnie realized that he was destined to do bigger things than jumbling upon Pizza. He then took another job as Police Man and continued to train himself in the gym. Luck was in his favour as his police station had a private gym where he could lift heavyweights.

Professional Career Of Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie soon built a strong body, which was hard to manage with limited equipment. He switched over to a bigger gym and met Brian Dobson, Owner of the gym. Brain learned the potential and capabilities of Ronnie so he offered him free life-time membership, only if Ronnie would allow Brian to train him.

He was trained enough by Brian to take participate in the Mr Texas Show in the year 1990. In heavyweight and overall categories, Ronnie did not only participate but also won first place. Ronnie beat his trainer- Brian and many other great bodybuilders.

He was reckless and took participation in many contests/shows. In 1995, as a professional, he landed first place in the “Canada Pro Cup”. From the year 1998 to 2005, he won the title of Mr Olympia.

Ronnie Coleman Net Worth

As of the year 2021, Ronnie Coleman Net Worth is 2 Million. His professional unbeatable records and film appearance have helped him in snatching Net worth of 2 Million. Ronnie Coleman has reached the bodybuilding Hall of Fame.

After he retired from professional bodybuilding, he has tried several other fields too. From endorsement and as a businessman, he has earned a substantial fortune. He also has made several appearances in films- combining all; Ronnie Coleman Net Worth has become 2 Million.

Film Career Of Ronnie Coleman

As earlier stated, Ronnie tried his hands on filmography and here are the lists of his best movies

  • Ronnie Coleman: The First Training Video
  • Ronnie Coleman: The Unbelievable
  • Ronnie Coleman: The Cost of Redemption
  • Ronnie Coleman: Relentless
  • Ronnie Coleman: Invincible
  • Ronnie Coleman: The Last Training Video
  • Ronnie Coleman: The King


Ronnie has always supported physical fitness and promotes the same. Well, in the year 2011, Ronnie established himself as an entrepreneur. By starting a company ‘Ronnie Coleman Signature Series’, Ronnie started to manufacture his own sports nutrition and wellness products.

The athletes and bodybuilders likes his product.

Ronnie Coleman Career Highlights and Facts

  • Because of his extraordinary performance in football during high school, he was offered a scholarship to Grambling State University. He was offered a scholarship to carry out his further studies and to represent the football team of Grambling State University.
  • When Ronnie knew he did not have enough potential in him to win some championships, he took a break, built his strong muscled, and then started taking participating in bodybuilding competitions.
  • A passionate bodybuilder had to pay a price for his dedication to bodybuilding. After Ronnie’s retirement, he had to go through a long 11-hour surgery and 7 operations were made on his back.
  • During his high school and college, he had spinal injuries.
  • Ronnie likes to share insights about his successful journey and he likes to meet fans. He shares his wisdom and ideas with his fans.
  • Ronnie Supports the Inner-City Games and has been a recipient of the Texas City Certificate award in the year 2001, for his outstanding achievements in bodybuilding.
  • After launching his company for athletes and bodybuilders, he has to travel around the globe to promote his products. He has to make people believe in his products and the benefits of nutrition.

Ronnie’s Workout Routine

Normally, Ronnie likes to perform his workout at High noon and spends around 2 hours. He has a daily routine plan to execute his workout. Barbell Squats, Leg Extensions, Lying Leg Curls, Calf Raises, and many others are part of his daily exercises.

Ronnie had to plan his meals in accordance to sustain his healthy body and muscles. He has a strict diet plan, and he stuck to it.

Personal Life Of Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie is a devout Christian. Ronnie is happily married to American Personal Trainer- Susan Williamson. The couple has four children together. Ronnie married Susan in April 2016. Ronnie’s first marriage was with Rouaida Christine Achkar.

Ronnie had met Rouaida at a sports exposition in Paris and later on got married in 2007. Ronnie got divorced from Rouaida and got married to Susan.

In recent years Ronnie has gone through serious surgeries that made him feels that he would not be able to walk again normally. He had to spend a fortune on those surgeries.

Wrapping Up

Ronnie Coleman is one of the greatest and strongest bodybuilders. Even after he retired from his professional career Mr Olympia is still remember by many, due to his magnificent records.