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Tom Platz is a retired professional bodybuilder from America. Thomas-Tom is a bodybuilding expert, motivational speaker, and well-known for competing in Mr. Olympia during his youth period. Well, wanna know Tom Platz Net Worth, here we have provided the complete analysis of his net worth.


Aside from his professional bodybuilding career, he took up a teaching career and is the author of numerous books on bodybuilding.

Tom Platz Net Worth 2023

Tom Platz Net Worth


Tom Platz has also starred in several movies. Thus, Tom is a complete package of skills in acting, bodybuilding, teaching, and motivating.

Early Life of Tom Platz

Tom Platz was born in Oklahoma, USA on 26th June 1955. The former professional bodybuilder is also known as Golden Eagle, Quadzilla, and Quad Father. He caught the bug of fitness/bodybuilding at a very young age.


At the age of 9, he started working out in the basement of his house with his father. His father used to read workouts for him whilst his younger siblings were keeping a count of his repetitions. At the age of 11, he decided that he wanted to be Mr. Universe. Tom left home when he was 15 years old.

After completing his matriculation he completely focused on his bodybuilding career. Tom has a degree in fitness science.

Career Of Tom Platz

Tom started his career as a trainer at the European Health Spa gym. He got the opportunity of trainer because of his big chest and back. His excitement about weight training and exercise motivated others to join the gym- at the place where he was working.

Tom learned about the importance of strong legs from an experienced person in the gym. He started working out on his legs and for the same, he later became worldwide famous.

He took his passion into a profession in 1973 when he first competed in the Mr. Adonis Competition. In 1978, he won the World Amateur Championships, middleweight division. Tom participated in Mr. Olympia several times but due to hard luck, he could not pull out the winning trophy.


Tom Platz Net Worth 2023

His lifetime dedication and passion for bodybuilding have helped him have a net worth of 14 Million. Tom Platz Net Worth is 14 million due to many contributory factors. The contributory factors are Bodybuilding, motivational speakers, teaching stream, and filmography.

Due to his esteemed net worth, he is one of the richest retired bodybuilders. His engagement in films and being an author have also helped him build a handsome amount on his name.

He has social media gatherings and is very active on social platforms. His gathering and influence on youth are also contributory factors to his present net worth. Tom has a passive income from their Social media presence.

Tom Platz’s Film Career

Like any other athlete, Tom’s journey of bodybuilding had to end. Tom retired from his sports career in 1987 and began to act in films. His strong body and muscles helped him in getting film roles.

Although he made his debut in the movie in the year 1980, he was still associated with the bodybuilding profession. In 1980, he made an appearance in a movie named “The Comeback”.


He made his first appearance in filmography in a movie, after his retirement “Twins” in the year 1988, followed by “Book of Love”, “Flex… Body Love”, “8 Heads in a Duffel Bag”, “Who Killed Johnny Love”? And many more. Most of his movies were based on his profession of bodybuilding.

Tom Platz Career as Author

Tom Platz had weak legs during his early childhood but later on, emerged as one of the strongest athletes with strong legs. He has shared his journey of bodybuilding and tricks of bodybuilding in his book Pro-Style Bodybuilding.

He has co-author Bill Reynolds for his book. He published his book in the year 1985 and has shared his inspirational journey of bodybuilding.

Highlights of Tom Platz Career

  • Tom had a dream of winning Mr. Olympia but even after hard work he could never come in the first place and ended at different places from 3rd to 8th.
  • During his early childhood, he was under the impression that building his legs would hurt his back, and earlier, he never focused on working on his legs.
  • He has taken participated in many competitions and has various achievements in his name.
  • Although he has retired from professional bodybuilding, he is still inspiring people who want to become bodybuilders. Through motivation and sharing his exercises, he is helping people to become strong bodybuilders.
  • Tom never shared his tricks for a healthy diet and muscular exercises until he left professional bodybuilding. He always used to trick his mind into performing more exercises than he could.
  • At an early age, he had a role model- Dave Draper. Tom decided to follow Dave’s path and he wanted iron-like muscles as Dave had. Apart from Dave, his dream of being Mr. Olympia also pushed him to be one of the greatest athletes.
  • Some of his favorite exercises include; Squats, hack squats, leg extensions, and lying leg curls. His exercises mostly focus on legs and hence he is termed an athlete with strong legs.
  • Since he is a retired person, he enjoys his spare time traveling and improving the lives of endangered species. Being a sportsperson he is also a nerd about fast cars.
  • He became a professor and later on Director of Bodybuilding Science.

Personal Life of Tom Platz

Tom Platz is happily married to Cha Nikito-Platz. The couple got married in the year 2000. The couple met with each other in Gym itself in Detroit.

The couple likes to travel around the globe. They have already visited Europe and planning to do the same.


In his early life, rumor has it that he dated many women during high school. Tom has never publically accepted this allegation and has never been open about it. Well, that will be the common answer we get when we start digging into the personal life of popular celebrities.

About Tom Platz

Tom Platz is a former professional bodybuilder known for his incredible leg development and intense training style. Born on June 26, 1955, in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Platz grew up in a military family and started weight training at the age of 12.

He went on to become one of the most successful bodybuilders of his time, winning numerous competitions and earning a reputation as one of the sport’s most dedicated and hardworking athletes.

What set Platz apart from other bodybuilders was his incredible leg development. He had massive quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves that were unmatched by any other competitor of his time. Platz’s leg training was legendary, and he was known for his high-volume, high-intensity workouts that pushed his body to the limit.

Aside from his incredible physique, Platz was also known for his positive attitude and motivational speeches. He was always encouraging his fellow competitors and fans to push themselves to be the best they could be, both in the gym and in life.


Platz’s dedication and work ethic inspired countless people to pursue their own fitness goals, and his legacy continues to inspire and motivate bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts around the world.

In addition to his bodybuilding career, Platz has also worked as a fitness consultant, author, and motivational speaker. He has written several books on bodybuilding and fitness, including “The Golden Eagle’s Training Philosophy,” and has appeared in numerous magazines and videos as a fitness expert.

Today, Tom Platz is still considered one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, and his contributions to the sport continue to inspire generations of fitness enthusiasts.

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Journey of Tom Platz in Mr. Olympia

Tom Platz’s journey in Mr. Olympia began in 1979 when he placed 8th in his debut appearance at the competition. He continued to compete in the event for the next nine years, becoming one of the most recognizable and popular competitors in the history of the sport.

In 1980, Platz improved his placing to 6th, and the following year, he placed 3rd, cementing his place among the top bodybuilders in the world. In 1982, Platz had his best finish at Mr. Olympia, placing 2nd to the legendary Chris Dickerson.


Despite his impressive performances, Platz never won the Mr. Olympia title, largely due to the dominance of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, and other bodybuilding greats during his era. However, Platz’s incredible leg development and unique posing style made him a fan favorite and earned him the nickname “The Golden Eagle.”

After retiring from competitive bodybuilding in 1987, Platz continued to stay active in the fitness industry, serving as a consultant, speaker, and author. He also started a successful supplement company and remained a popular figure in the bodybuilding community, often appearing at events and expos.

Today, Tom Platz is considered one of the most influential and inspirational bodybuilders of all time, and his legacy continues to inspire generations of fitness enthusiasts. Despite never winning the Mr. Olympia title, his dedication, work ethic, and incredible physique have earned him a place in the pantheon of bodybuilding greats.

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Wrapping Up

Tom Platz Net Worth is 14 Million. His consistency and persistence toward his goals have helped him in gathering a huge amount of 14 Million. Tom is one of the strongest athletes with strong legs and muscles.


Even after retirement, he has not stopped and has continued to motivate others in achieving their bodybuilding goals.

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