14 Tips for Improving Hair Growth


It is a fact that about 60% of women in the U.S suffer hair loss. There are several reasons for this. You might be losing it due to over-combing, poor hygiene, wrong hair product, or even reaction to a medication.


Hair loss can also be a sign of cancer. You should know the cause of the loss before applying any remedy. Some persons proceed with any treatment they find online only to have more complications.

There are several effective growth remedies available that you can do at home. It can be a simple scalp massage or using an egg yolk solution. In whatever that works for you, the goal is to have locks like that of Jennifer Lopez.

In this article, you shall learn how to increase hair density using some simple home procedures. You should note that proper hair growth does not come by magic. Do not expect to see immediate results. You may carry out these tips regularly for effective results.

Tips for Improving Hair Growth



Tips to Increase Hair Growth

The knowledge of hair growth is under-rated. Most persons are gradually becoming bald and have not noticed. Hair growth refers to the number of hair growing on the head of a person. An average human has over 2,200 lock strands.

If you notice that you are losing your locks after combing or massaging, there are several remedies you can try out. You can do the following to improve your hair growth.

1. Scalp Massage Works

In the same way planting on poor soil yields poorly, taking treatment with a poor scalp will not work effectively. The first thing to do is ensure your scalp is in good condition before any treatment. Keeping your scalp in good condition is the basis for growth.

Research explains the benefits of scalp massage. It also highlights its impact on hair improvement. Asides a proper lock growth, scalp massages have other importance. Scalp massage helps with reducing stress, heartbeat rate, and blood pressure.

For an improved lock growth, your scalp requires enough blood flow through it. Most strands fall off due to a weak root. Massaging the scalp increases the blood flow through the follicles. It makes it able to hold hair strands firmly.


You can massage your scalp yourself. A dry lock massage is acceptable but using an oil rich in nutrients is a better option. Ensure you do not do this all the time. Excessive scalp massage can turn out bad for your locks. Try to do it just twice a week.

2. Try Egg Yolk Masking

When your locks rupture, egg yolk can be your rescuer. It is because eggs contain protein and lecithin, the necessary ingredients to its growth.

In the creation of the egg mask, combine olive oil (two tablespoons) and two eggs. Then, add half a glass of tap water to adulterate and apply to your already-dry-and-brushed locks directly, and allow it for half an hour. Afterward, you can now use your shampoo to condition it as usual.

3. Check Medications

So many medications taken today, such as antihypertensive, and cholesterol are responsible for hair loss. Thus, you can discuss with your physician the side effects of these drugs before stopping. You can click on https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/326955 to read about medications that cause hair loss.

4. Treat With Castor Oil

It is more preferred to use coconut oil nowadays. It is because it contains antibacterial and antifungal elements which fight against infections that cause hair loss. It also contains fatty acids, vitamins, etc. These are beneficial to your locks.


To carry out this treatment, massage your scalp with the oil and then extend it to all parts of your locks. Then, cover your head with a bath cap and blow-dry for at least fifteen minutes. Instantly, you’d notice delicate strands.

5. Avoid Smoking

Well, this article is not judging your smoking habits but advising you. Because it is a choice, we would suggest you do not smoke. It affects your lock growth by impeding the blood movement to the follicles and scalp. Thus, you can reconsider your choice.

6. Apply Growth Supplements

Some supplements spark natural growth, but the question is if it is an efficient way of growing your locks. These supplements also contain certain other elements that can also cause breakage. Ensure you eat healthy for natural growth. For example, you can take more foods containing fatty acids, like salmons, soya beans, walnuts, etc.

7. Reduce Your Heat Styling

Perhaps your stylists must have advised you to reduce your usage of hot items on your hair. It is because they would impede your lock growth, and you don’t want that. You can air-dry it instead.

8. Don’t Use Too Much Shampoo

Research shows that an over-application of shampoo on the locks has a way of breaking it. Well, because lock type varies, the amount of times to shampoo every week also varies.


9. Try a Cinnamon Mask

Cinnamon is good in your beverages. It can also be a natural element for growing your tresses. To achieve this mask, you should combine cinnamon with coconut oil. Apply it, placing concentration on its roots. Allow it to work for about one-quarter of an hour before rinsing.

10. Regularly Clip Off Split Ends

This suggestion might sound contrary to what you think about growing your hair. However, it is necessary for your lock’s growth. It rids off useless split ends. If you don’t trim them, they may find their way to your hair shafts and cause more breakage.

If you go for a trim regularly, your locks may not grow longer. So, it is vital to reveal your goals on time. On the other hand, your hair’s condition and style, as well as daily activities, can demand trimming. Therefore, you should take care of it daily.

11. Brush Softly While Detangling Curls

Make sure to use a detangling brush to avoid losing your hair by hurriedly brushing it. It is also best to brush it before taking your bath.

12. Avoid Stress

Stress can make one lose hair. Thus, we should take occasional rests. Also, try meditation. You can read this article on how to manage stress.


13. Use a Silk Pillowcase to Sleep

It is preferable to use a silk-made pillowcase to sleep than cotton. Cotton would help your locks tangle and break. Thus, silk is better as it creates less friction and a softer platform to rest the head.

14. Try Keratin-Based Products

Such products help to fight dryness and make it shinier. However, it also eliminates breakage and makes the hair stronger.


There are several products for improving our locks. Most of them are very expensive and might not be the solution we need. Remedies such as a simple scalp massage might be what you need. Take out time regularly to carry out these tips and watch the improvement.

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