Types of Cancer Treatment


Cancer is a disease that is caused by the quick and uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in any part of the body. There are different types of cancer. No matter what is the type, cancer is dangerous. As a result, the proper treatment of cancer is needed.


Depending on the type of cancer and the stage of it, cancer treatment varies. You’ll see a number of cancer treatments. Depending on the cancer patient, one or a combination of more than one treatment can be done.

Different types of cancer treatments are done in different procedures. However, let’s know about some common cancer treatments.


Surgery treatment is a cancer treatment that is done when the cancer cells start developing in the first stage. When the cells start developing cancer at a single place in the body, the doctor uses a scalpel and other equipment to remove those cells from the body. This method is called surgery.


Radiation Therapy or Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is a type of cancer treatment where high doses of radiation are used to kill the cancer cells. Besides it also removes or reduces the size of the tumor. Radiotherapy is of two types. One is external radiation therapy which uses a machine that aims radiation at the cancer cells of your body. On the other hand, internal radiation therapy sends a solid or liquid source of radiation inside your body.


In this cancer treatment procedure, the drug is used to treat cancer and shrink the tumors. It is used for treating many types of cancers. This is one of the most used cancer treatments. In some cases, only chemotherapy is the option for treating the patient.



This treatment procedure targets your immune system. In this procedure, your immune system is made stronger to fight cancer cells. Cancer cells are able to hide from your immune system. Immunotherapy makes cancer cells visible so that your immune system can target those and destroy them.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is the type of cancer treatment that stops or slows the growth of the cancers which use the hormone to grow and spread. Mainly prostate and breast cancers use the hormone to grow. As a result, this treatment is used to get rid of these cancers. Besides treating cancers, hormone therapy also reduces or removes tumors.

Targeted Therapy

This therapy or treatment procedure aims at the cancer cells and targets the symptoms that are seen when these cells grow, spread, or divide. When the symptoms show up, Proper steps are taken to create a barrier. Researchers have come to know more about the symptoms. As a result, getting notified about a symptom and taking proper steps are easy.


Stem Cell Transplant

A high dose of radiotherapy or chemotherapy can destroy blood-forming stem cells. Stem Cell transplant refers to restoring the stem cells of the body of the patient. So, this treatment is not performed as an individual treatment. It is used besides radiotherapy or chemotherapy is needed.

Treatment of cancer is necessary, no matter which treatment you are given. Doctors examine and choose the best treatment for you. Sometimes you are given options. If so, you can choose which one is better for you, depending on your physical, economic, and other conditions.

Good treatment of cancer allows you to get rid of cancer totally. Forgetting proper cancer treatment, you can contact Sheba Hospital. If the cancer is not treated properly, it may come back with more dangerous consequences. So, as soon as you detect cancer, don’t be late to take proper action.

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