Using a Detox Shampoo


Everyone takes care of their body to some degree (even if the person only takes baths occasionally). Aside from the basic activities that include taking your bath, brushing your teeth, applying lotion, and probably spraying some perfume on yourself for good measure, certain other steps can be taken in taking care of your body. This however depends on your general health status, your skin type, or if you have any oral or dental challenge or any challenge with any other part of your body.


These days, there are products for any and everything! Obviously, people will rush for anything that is perceived to be able to improve health in any way, skin or looks. This is why the health and beauty industries will never stop being a thing.

Using a Detox Shampoo


One such product in the skin and beauty market is shampoo, but some types do much more than most people know. However, before getting into all that, the basics should be explained first.

What Is a Shampoo?

It is primarily a hair care product used to wash the hair on the head as it removes unnecessary or excess sebum, dust, and dandruff contents. It is a viscous kind of product and is mostly in liquid form though it can also be gotten in bar form (this form though is not popular). You can read more about it here.


What Are The Benefits Of Using a Shampoo

Using a Detox Shampoo

Firstly, you have to understand that there are specific designs of the shampoo that suit different hair types and textures. Thus, the type you buy, or use is dependent on your hair type (which you should be aware of). The following are the more popular shampoo types available; they are:

  • Color protecting
  • Clarifying
  • Moisturizing
  • Oily hair
  • Everyday
  • Volumizing
  • Two in one

As earlier stated, all these types listed above are perfectly suited for one type of hair or the other, therefore, it is for the customer to know what suits the hair type more. On the other hand, the benefits of using a shampoo are:

It Improves Hair Condition

Having stated above that there are different hair types, getting the one that best suits your hair type will generally improve your hair condition making it feel good to touch. This is added to the fact that it will also wash off all dandruff and dirt in your hair. Note also that it cleanses these impurities of your hair better than any soap would.

Helps To Improve Hair Hygiene

It is very possible that if your hair is left unwashed with this solution, it would overtime develop an odor and that would not reflect well on you. You might say that you wash it with soap and water, but that might not be enough as it cannot dissolve these dirt particles from the hair which might then get mixed up with the oil your hair follicles produce. All these would of course lead to hair odor which would not reflect well on you as an individual.


Treats Scalp Conditions

Beyond being able to wash your hair better than any soap and water could, it is also able to help in treating your scalp and other hair conditions. Some of these hair conditions include dandruff and inflammation (seborrheic dermatitis). There are also some special formulations created to specifically handle some of these hair conditions.

Treatment For Oily or Greasy Hair

Basically, oily hair is caused by the excess secretion of oil (sebum) by your hair scalp. This hair condition usually causes some challenges for the bearer as dirt is easily trapped in the hair. Note though that most shampoos will wash out the oily scalp, the sebaceous glands would react by even secreting more oil to the scalp. However, there are special formulations made particularly to handle these hair types.

For Hair Loss Treatment

There is a certain hormone known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short and researchers say that an increase in this hormone results in hair loss for the individual concerned. However, there are shampoo formulations that are made with certain ingredients to stop the effect of this hormone on the hair, and today, it is quite popular in the market.

For Dry Scalp Treatment

While some people have the challenge of oily hair condition there are those whose challenge is dry scalp which is another hair condition on its own. If left without treatment, it gets very itchy and usually results in dandruff and probably hair inflammation. However, there are also special hair formulations for this hair condition that can handle this hair condition. You can read more on its benefits at

Shampoos as a Hair Detox Product

Another shampoo type that is getting ever more popular these days is hair detoxifying capabilities. Generally, they can rebalance and nourish your scalp while getting rid of any chemical build-up in it. They are also able to stimulate hair growth and can get rid of any acne, dandruff, or scabbing that might occur in it.


However, it is increasing largely popularity today is because of the use of this detox to beat drug tests that are usually mandatory in organizations that have banned substance abuse. Unfortunately, some states have not legalized the use of THC (the psychoactive element in weed) which makes workers who are found to have used weed to be in much trouble for this.

To determine whether an individual has been using certain substances, a hair follicle drug test is conducted using a hair strand from the person. However, using certain brands of detox shampoo has proven to be an effective way of beating this test as they can wash away any metabolites in your hair follicle or scalp. The trick though lies in getting the very effective ones by checking product reviews like the Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo review to know the most effective ones out there.


Ensuring that your hair is clean and healthy is a very important aspect of personal hygiene that should not be overlooked. Luckily, there are various shampoo products to help you keep your hair in the best shape.

However, beyond keeping your hair clean, some special formulations can help you in other ways. One of which is helping you to beat that drug test that can land you in big trouble.

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