Is It True That Cutting Your Hair Make It Thicker?



A lot of those are guided by people’s beliefs and test theories on what works on their hair as opposed to what doesn’t. Many hairstylists and professionals have resourceful insights on how to take proper care of your hair to grow it thicker and longer. When visiting a hairstylist, it is common for them to lean towards trimming your hair. For some people, this is concerning, while for others, they wonder whether it is even necessary. This brings about the question, does cutting hair make it thicker? Many myths surround hair growth,

even though not all of them are ill-founded. Here is the truth about cutting your hair in line with healthy hair growth:

Does trimming result in thicker hair?

Figure 2 hair thickness

Before you rush into cutting off your hair to experience any increase in volume and length of your hair, understand this fact – trimming does not cause your hair to grow thicker. Regardless of how amazing the Wahl lithium ion pro is, trimming your hair will not give you more volume.


However, there is an advantage to cutting your hair. Getting a trim gets rid of any split ends, damaged hairs, and unhealthy flyaways. Usually, these can stand in the way of your hair grow thicker. A lot of the hair loss you experience has to do with the damaged hairs on your head. The more damaged they are, the more tangles you have. Besides, keeping damaged hairs only causes damage to the healthy hair strands you have. This is why hairstylists encourage hair trimming.

What enhances healthy hair growth?

If your goal is to achieve longer and thicker hair, then you have to be concerned about the overall health of your hair. No amount of product or trimming will directly benefit the growth of your hair. Hair growth relies heavily on the health of your hair follicles. Each hair strand has a hair follicle that is responsible for its life. If the root of your hair is not properly nourished, it is difficult for you to enjoy healthy hair growth.

Ideally, the use of products ensures that the hair follicles are properly supplied with nutrients to grow strong. The result is a lustrous mane that is healthy and strong.

What do you need to grow thicker and healthier hair?

A lot goes into growing thicker hair. Technically, all the things you can do to better your hair growth can be categorized into two: external factors and internal factors.

Internal factors – getting it right internally is the number one way to promote hair growth. For the most part, this has to do with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Balanced diet – whatever you eat will affect how your hair grows
  2. Vitamins – you need extra nutrients and vitamins to support hair growth
  • Proper sleep patterns – to help cut down on the stress that can be detrimental for hair growth
  1. Physical exercise – to improve blood and oxygen circulation to all parts of your body, including your scalp
  2. Drinking water – to encourage hydration

External factors – the things you to your hair to encourage healthy hair growth

  1. Moisturizing – to restore moisture in your hair strands. Includes using conditioner
  2. Cleaning your hair – to get rid of product build-up that might increase tangles
  • Using essential oils – like olive, jojoba, castor, among others, to help strengthen the hair strands
  1. Brushing and combing – to detangle and spread out the essential oils through your hair
  2. Protective styling – to reduce over-manipulation that may increase breakage and damage


So, does trimming your hair make it thicker? Unfortunately, the answer is no. you have to do so much more to get your hair to the perfect thickness and length.

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