Live Better & Kick The Smoking Habit Already!


If you are a smoker, it does not come a surprise that everyone wants you to stop. There have been numerous studies done and smoking is bad for your health and your appearance. With all the research to on this topic, it is undeniable. Most smokers wish they could quit, but feel that they are unable to. In public, you may feel that you have to hide it because of the looks that others may give you. The truth is; if you ask your doctor, your loved ones, or anyone else; they can all tell you to live better and kick the smoking habit already!


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quit smoking for healthier life


Why You Should Stop Smoking

We are often told that smoking is bad for you. We know that it can make you appear to be older than you are and that smoking causes cancer. We hear it from our doctor, we hear it from our televisions, and see it in the face of every non-smoker we cross paths with. What you may not realize is that you also decrease your chances of having heart disease, emphysema, a stroke, and chronic bronchitis. Your family members will be healthier because they are no longer breathing in secondhand smoke because you choose to light up. Within only 20 minutes, your body is already going to start becoming healthier and your children will start to reap the rewards as well.


Quitting Isn’t Easy

As a smoker, you are addicted to the habit of smoking and the nicotine that you get from it. This is why it is not easy to quit. You will have to deal with withdrawals. You may have mood swings, feel as though you cannot breathe, and more. The withdrawals are present because your body is trying to heal. It may get worse before you get better. The good news is; nicotine is flushed out of your body within only 3 days. The craving may still be there after three days, but it will get easier. You can also use tried and true tricks to help you curb the cravings.

 Tips to Quitting

It is important that you establish a quit date. This will allow you to prepare ahead of time for what is going to come. As your quit date nears, you may want to get hard candies to suck on, throw away most of your ashtrays, and try to break some of the habits that you have. For instance, as a smoker, you may want that first cigarette of the day or one immediately after eating. Try to break this habit ahead of time so that your quit date doesn’t mean you do everything at one time. If you doubt your ability to give up the routine of holding a cigarette, you could try an e-cig. There are some who say that there are side effects of vaping e-liquid, but most people seem to agree that the side effects of smoking are much worse. The trick will be not only getting beyond the nicotine but breaking all of your bad habits. Holding a cigarette is as much a part of it as anything. It also becomes something you use for stress relief and you will have to find something that allows you to de-stress without the cigarette. Some people find that drinking acidic juices and plenty of water can help to speed up the withdrawal from nicotine. Cranberry juice is supposed to be especially good during the first few days as a nonsmoker.

Don’t Give Up!


One of the hardest things you will ever do is give up smoking. It is a drug and you are a drug addict. You have to get beyond the rough stuff to reap the rewards. Just remember, when trying to quit, there are certain triggers that will make it even harder for short amounts of time. Be prepared for it. If you are driving in your car and see someone smoking, the urge to light up may become overwhelming. There is proof that the overwhelming desire to light up will last around three minutes. If you can resist for just three minutes, then the next time you see someone smoking; you will be able to deal with it a little easier. The same can be said for after meals, waking up in the morning, and more. Just don’t panic, don’t give in, and don’t give up on your goal of quitting.