What to Do About Frizzy Gray Hair?


What to Do About Frizzy Gray Hair – Sometimes apparently overnight, gray hair sneaks unwittingly into our lives. This surprise entrance leaves some horrified and many wondering what to do. But there is no need to be a fright.


Here, in this guide, we walk you through everything you need to know when learning what to do about gray hair. It’s easier to get rid of than you think.

What to Do About Frizzy Gray Hair?

What to Do About Frizzy Gray Hair


Frizzy gray hair can catch you looking amazingly frazzled and off-guard if it is not managed and cared for well. As we oldness, gray hairs that come in probably contain different attributes and characteristics than the hair we had when we were younger. These pesky, new locks can come with a host of new hair problems and challenges that did not influence us younger in life, including:

  • Frizz
  • Unmanageable curls
  • Coarser texture
  • Thinning hair
  • Dryness

With these qualities, managing gray hair can seem as though you are trying to learn a completely new sport while playing against an all-star team. We explore the reasons for frizzy gray hair and what you can do about it while also dropping the little details you need to keep your bouffant from going bust.


What Causes Frizzy, Gray Hair?

When we grow old the pigment cells in our hair follicles die. As a result, our hair doesn’t hold as much melanin when we are older and becomes lighter – grey, silver, or white. Gray hair has some color but is rougher, stiffer, and more problematic to style than darker hair. 

Chemical fluctuations within hair fiber’s structure mean that gray hair is more resilient to laser hair removal and is less likely to absorb non-natural or temporary colors. Gray hair can also grow up to four times quicker than hair with color and is more delicate to environmental damage. Dry, frizzed gray hair needs more guard from environmental factors, particularly the sun, than hair that still has pigment. 

What are the finest Products to Use for Dry, Frizzy Gray Hair?

When faced with a brand-new hair encounter, the list of possible solutions can seem just as overwhelming as the original problem. Separating fact from fiction, and oil from shampoo can seem like an immense task. Knowing about these products in mind can help you surely choose the best hair care solutions for the best you.

  • Oils

If you’ve never applied hair oil or had a hot oil treatment before, it might be time to treat yourself if you’re battling a shock of renegade gray hair.

Natural oils comprise the nutrients and ingredients that dried-out gray hair needs, but they can also support repair damage caused by earlier artificial chemicals and products. Remember that oil repels water and, consequently, it is best to apply oil-based products to dry hair.


Argan, coconut, almond, jojoba, and olive are near the oils richest in the hydrating nutrients and ingredients gray frizzy hair craves.

Olive and almond oils contain softening emollients that protect and moisturize hair with natural ingredients. Look at the ingredients in these and other carrier oils and choose a variety rich in the essential, moisturizing vitamins and fatty acids your hair needs.

  • Shampoos

Over time, gray hair collects toxins caused by pollution, hair product build-up, and environmental harm. These pollutants can cause it to turn yellow or even take on a blue tint in some circumstances.

To lessen this effect, look for brass-fighting shampoos that are often purple to neutralize the effect of yellow tones and keep your hair looking light and silvery. Also called clarifying shampoos, these products help eliminate your hair from the toxins that build up over time.

Sometimes these shampoos target brassiness in general, which can also apply to blonde hair, instead of limiting their potential market to gray hair precisely. The best shampoo products for frizzy gray hair are those that simplify and eliminate toxins while hydrating the hair to improve its changing chemical composition.


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  • Conditioners

Like its counterpart shampoos, anti-brass conditioners also effort well to combat any yellow hues. Though, conditioners more often purpose to offer added moisture to your gray hair to help combat any frizzy or flyaway texture due to decreased oil production.

If you begin to see gray hairs look, look for conditioners that use a silk protein. When your grays are just coming in, your probably do not need a moisturizer that is as heavy as when you have a full head of gray hair. Testing can be a helpful way to determine which product or combination of products is best suited to your hair.

  • Masks and Leave-in Conditioners

Introducing conditioning hair masks into your beauty regimen can improve the dry and frizzy texture of gray hair beyond what shampoos and conditioners can do on their own. Look for masks that address the two key challenges for gray hair: dryness and brassiness.

The longer application time for these products permits the nutrients, often including natural oils, to permeate and deeply moisturize your hair. Likewise, leave-in conditioners are thinner and lighter than ordinary or pack conditioners and can aid moisturize and detangle your hair.


Thus, leave-in treatments or conditioners can help manage the frizziness of new gray hair. Be sure to try out the varieties exactly aiming to soften the coarseness of gray hair without weighing it down.

  • Styling Products

Ensure that you use heat-resistant styling products if you want to use a blow-dryer or flat iron to aid smooth your gray hair. These targeted products stop your styling tools from drying out hair that is already in need of moisture.

Smoothing blowout balms are frequently in the form of gel creams or cream to oil balms and help manage and cover your hair when styling to limit flyaway strands. Styling tools, with brushes, also play an important role in helping to manage frizzy gray hair.

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