How to Soften Coarse Gray Hair?


How to Soften Coarse Gray Hair – We incline to naturally cover up our gray hair. What are the chances if we decide not to and try to rock the look? Gray hair can be very gorgeous on if we give it the right care. You must have practiced the coarseness of your gray hair by now and want nothing but to go back to your pre-gray days.


It’s not as wicked as you think, though. While gray hair can be coarser than natural hair, it just needs more attention to become smooth and shiny. A little more maintenance with the right shampoo and attention to how you treat your hair is all it will take for your hair to be back to being silky and soft. 

How to Soften Coarse Gray Hair?

How to Soften Coarse Gray Hair


The attention has to be persistent though. You can’t follow hair routines for three weeks straight and then forget about them once your hair starts looking lenient again. If you don’t take care of your hair, it will just go back to being rough. If you want to know more about Softening coarse Gray Hair then read this article carefully.

What are the ways to Make softer coarse Gray Hair?

  1. The Right Shampoo

The first choice is always shampoo. If you are using blue-hued shampoos, do not use them any more than once or twice a month, and don’t forget to use the conditioner too. Also, it’s best if you branch to shampoos that are precisely made for gray hair. They not only stop the yellow tone from showing but also have the correct amount of ingredients to push your hair to the soft territory, instead of course. As these shampoos incline to have more natural than chemical products, your hair isn’t exposed to any severe substances either. 


Moisturizing shampoos are the greatest for your hair. When you are looking for a shampoo, see if it has water as one of the main ingredients or even the word ‘hydrating’ in the description. One thing you should always remember is that don’t shampoo every day, instead stick to it thrice a week. 

Though, when you do shampoo, do it twice. Before you wash off the shampoo, let it sit on your hair for some time before you shower it off. This will give the shampoo time to correctly work on your hair. Gray hair interests more pollution and heat than natural hair, so deep cleaning like this is a must!

Redken Color Extend Blondage is the textbook choice in this regard. It has everything you could request when it comes to shampoo for gray hair. 

  1. The Conditioner

After you have cleaned your hair, apply a lightweight conditioner. Once a week, try and use an exhaustive hair conditioner if you can. If we compare gray hair to our natural hair, it inclines us to gobble up whatever moisture is presented to it. As a result, when it doesn’t get enough, it looks brittle. When you condition it frequently, you are providing your hair with the care it seeks, therefore softening your hair. 

Though, if your hair is curly or coarse, it does indeed need some deep conditioning. However, for hair that’s logically straight, regular conditioning can be skipped. Over-conditioning straight hair can lead it to look too heavyweight and awkward. This is the complete opposite of what we are going for if we want our hair to look soft. 


We endorse Purple Conditioner by The BTW Co. for lightweight conditioners and Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner by Arvazallia for intensive hair conditioners. 

  1. Some Gloss and Glaze

You can smooth out the outside layer of your hair momentarily by trying on some gloss or glaze. It looks glossier with some serum too. For the glaze, choose the ones that have some kind of seed oil or fruit in them. They will offer your gray hair some much-needed nutrition. If you have a stylist, ask them to go for one that makes your hair glossy and soft looking. 

  1. Brush Your Hair

Indeed, you need to Brush your hair, every single day. This might seem the most apparent thing, but one will be surprised at how many people forget to brush their hair every day. When you have rough gray hair to take attention to, you should be all the more watchful about your hair brushing routine. 

When you let the bristles of your brush run through your hair from the scalp to the very tip, you are issuing the oils in your hair along the way. Even if you brush every night for just6 weeks, in the end, we have total confidence that your hair will appear softer and glossier. 

  1. Avoiding Hair Product Buildup

Well, this one only applies if you tend to use a lot of styling products on your hair or dye your hair frequently. When you are busy applying chemicals to your hair frequently or dyeing it, you are putting your gray hair through a lot of trouble underneath it. We have to make sure the styling product doesn’t remain to stay in your hair. 


The simplest answer to making sure no hair product is left behind on your scalp is to prepare a mixture of apple cider vinegar and your shampoo. You simply need to wash your hair with this mixture once a week. 

  1. Stay Away from Heat

Heat isn’t the best for your hair in general. It is more so the case for gray hair. If you must use a blow dryer, change it to a cold setting. This can be supportive for your cuticles. 

Likewise, when you are washing your hair, you should use cold water instead of hot water. You aren’t doing your hair any favor by continually exposing it to heat. When you are outdoors in the sun, try to keep your hair covered in a scarf. It doesn’t matter how lumpy your strands have gotten, as long as you invest some additional time in shampooing and conditioning your hair the correct way, you and your gray hair will come out victorious. 

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