How Long Does It Take for Hair to Lock?


How Long Does It Take for Hair to Lock – Though it is a bit of an individual preference, numerous people prefer dreadlocks. For the uninitiated, dreadlocks are hair that is firmly twisted together into an intricate pattern. 


They are typically associated with the Rastafari movement and have been a part of Jamaican culture for over 300 years. They can be shaped in different ways but are typically formed using natural methods like twisting locks or tying them into pigtails.

Big dreadlocks that are tied into ponytails can take anywhere from 1 to 2 years. On the conflicting end of the spectrum, approximately people like their hair permed so they need only 4 to 5 weeks in order for it to grow out even more violently and then permit them time until. 

How Long Does It Take for Hair to Lock?

How Long Does It Take for Hair to Lock


It is dried down sufficient such that perming will no longer be necessary. Of course, sometimes you just don’t know how extended your locks will take and there is no way to know without having them done rather or later. If you want to know more about dreadlocks then read this article carefully.


What Are Dread Locks?

Dreadlocks are a system of hair-donning style created initially in West Africa by the Yoruba and taken up by countless other African peoples. The style comprises of more than a few interlocking braids, twists, or locks woven in one’s usually naturally occurring hair. 

Dreadlocks are considered primarily by the deliberate separation of strands at intervals on the head and body that, over time, collect to form thick tangles before they become forever affixed.

An extensive variety of methods have been developed to create dreadlocks in all parts of hair, including chemical-free methods, sewing natural locks, and also some that are created more on spontaneous growth. 

These methods include wrapping the lock into a spiral or around strings (so as not to pull out natural healthy scalps), then locking it up with rubber bands or toothpicks filet silver wax.

How Long Will It Take Natural Hairstyles to Grow Out?

Hair takes a long time to grow, so growing dreadlocks is not essentially a quick process. If you wait for your hair to grow out logically about 3-4 inches, then it might take 2 years till the locks break. Though, if done in an accelerated fashion with strong straighteners and chemical treatments like bleach or peroxide beforehand releasing from braids/tied up into tight weaves etc.


They can start growing out at 2-3 months and leave the wearer’s natural length till 3 years. These approaches give dreadlocks a calmer appearance as opposed to when it is grown in nature, but they can become pretty unmanageable with hard strands since only straightened lumps are present on the scalp or head of hair. 

This does not mean that fears that grow out after using such methods do not look good because most people favor them (“kinky” / “earthy” look of natural dreadlocks). The use of these approaches slows down the growth process, but the gradual transition to styles that are tight and controlled can lead to unusual proportions when it comes time for a growing locks overhang.

How Long Does It Take for Dreadlocks to Be Re-Finished?

  • Natural

If your hair is muddy, then you need at least 3 days before starting the original dreads. If you wash every day, then you need 2-3 days after finishing new dreads to clean your hair and get rid of old knots and tangle locks at home chemically bare. Reversing braids by cutting off the ends and letting some out is only active for 1 time (be it every day). 

After that, any extra ends need to be cut totally. If this was not done all earlier work in getting into the braid through twisting may become undone if done properly.

  • Chemically stripped: 

Wash your scalp and hair to get free of old dirt, and shower to eliminate all chemicals from the body. If you have dreadlocks cut with scissors previously, then use a clean pair of combs as well. Sit under hot running water for 10-15 min or so till there is no more soap left in the comb (though it might seem burning, just keep going) then rinse using shampoo. 


After which, dry the dreads. Do not eliminate your comb yet but sit in front of a clean towel and remove all mats out effortlessly using various methods (frontal, backside, etc.)

  • Braided

Initial, you need to first start basic knots with rows then finish it up by putting locks at regular intervals (usually 2-3 centimeters apart each) You can suppose 3 days for new braids while 4 or 5 if they were spaced a little further apart or perhaps more if you have thick locks and/or knot formation in braids.

  • Fusion/proud lock dreads: 

Usually, it will take 12-15 days for the hands-down look of fusion-styled dreadlocks to be done. It all depends on how radically fastidious the new styles need to be given that strands needed from every part of the hair that was braided are also taken into account (if roots are not taken then the desired dreads or even union will be lost very fast).

If, though you have a tub of hand-twisted starting points and after realizing that it isn’t what you required, cut off all old tags totally without putting in any locks. It won’t take an extended to trim them down properly. I don’t understand why people always think they can lock their lately washed hair before drying it somewhat than not doing so at all!

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