How to Increase Bone Strength in Women


Bone Strength: Bones are called the frame of our body. This sentence clearly tells us the importance of strong bones for a healthy life. When we talk about bone health, we can easily find complaints from many people about the fractured bone, back pain, and many more. In most cases, it happens due to low bone intensity. Unfortunately, low bone density has become a very common issue among women. For decades it has been believed that bone health is a matter of concern only for children and older individuals but recent studies have shown that many people especially women in their 30s are also affected by low bone density.  Low bone density can lead to osteoporosis which can make someone’s bones really fragile.

What is Bone Density

Bone density is referred to as the mineral matter per square centimeter of bones. It becomes thinner and weaker as our age increases. Also, in women, there is a huge calcium loss during the birth-giving process, and due to menopause. The weak bone fracture easily and due to its weakness, it takes more time to heal.

Why Low Bone Density Happens

As we mentioned earlier, women have more risk of having low bone density because women have smaller bone structure. In some researches, it is shown that genetics is linked to low bone density, which means if someone in your family has this problem then there can be higher possibilities that you too can have the same bone problem.

People with a small body structure and having a thin body are more at risk. Here, we cannot ignore the lifestyle as well because your lifestyle has a direct connection with your health. Poor diet, no or very little physical exercise, smoking, and alcohol consumption can cause this problem.

How to Strengthen Your Bones?

As we have mentioned earlier that women are more at risk of low bone density. Few minor changes in your day to day life can help you in having bone strengthening.

  • Bone Strengthening Exercises

Bone Strength

Women, especially in our country don’t do exercise

daily. As per them, their daily household work is sufficient for being physically active, so they don’t need exercise. But it is a myth as daily household chores are not sufficient. When we do the bone-strengthening activities, we put pressure on our bones and the bones respond to that pressure. The response of the bones makes them stronger. And, this cannot be achieved only by doing household works. The exercises for stronger bones include weightlifting. But if you cannot go to the gym then you can do the pull-ups and push-ups at home, these exercises are considered as ‘Best Bone Strengthening Exercises’.  Here you need to remember the fact that not all exercises can help you in bone strengthening. For example, cycling has nothing to do with stronger bones although it has its own benefits.

  • Calcium for Healthy Bones

Bone Strength

Does milk strengthen bones? This is a regular question that physicians come across. Calcium is an essential mineral for bones and teeth. For healthy bones, you should increase your calcium intake.  Dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese are very rich in calcium. If you are not a big fan of dairy products, you can find other bone-strengthening foods as well, like orange juice. Remember that your body can absorb only 500 milligrams of calcium at one time. But, if you will consume only this much calcium then your bones will get less than 500 milligrams of calcium. So don’t be very particular about the quantity of calcium. Bone-strengthening supplements are also available in the market and you can take them as a supplement after consulting your doctor.

  • Less Sodium

If you want to keep more calcium in your bones then follow the less sodium diet. As the experts say, taking too much sodium can be a reason that calcium in your body is getting out from your body through urine.

  • Vitamin D & Vitamin K

Bone Strength

When we talk about the importance of calcium in our bones, we cannot ignore the importance of vitamin D. But the shocking fact is that the deficiency of Vitamin D is very common. If we talk about our bones then we can say that Calcium and vitamin D together work as a team for stronger bones. Egg yolk and orange juice are rich sources of Vitamin D. But sun rays are the best source of this vitamin. 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure, three times a week can make a big difference in your body.

Vitamin K2 is also necessary for healthy bones. It modifies osteocalcin which is a protein and it is involved in bone formation.

  • Protein

Bone Strength

Consuming sufficient protein is also important for healthy bones. About 50% of our bones are made of protein. Many research resulted that low protein intake can decrease the calcium absorption in our body.  But the coin has another side as well. High protein diets leach calcium from the bones too. So the solution to this protein problem is to take around 100-grams of protein daily.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

For the sake of healthy bones, you will have to reduce alcohol consumption and get rid of your smoking habits. Both of these habits are bad not only for your bones but for your overall body functions.  Although one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men is not really harmful, if you exceed the limit then your bones will have to suffer. For healthy bones, you will have to cut your caffeine consumption as well. According to a study, more than two cups of caffeine can accelerate bone loss by negatively interacting with vitamin D.

  • Watch your Diet

If you want not only healthy bones but a healthy body too then you will have to keep an eye on your diet. First of all, don’t skip your breakfast because it is your first meal of the day. By skipping it, you force your body to work harder, and that too without fuel. Have a well-balanced diet. Don’t go for a low-calorie diet. Have at least 1,200 calories per day.  Consume foods with Omega-3 Fats.


Maintain a healthy weight according to your BMI. Don’t run after weight-loss programs until and unless your physician says so because in the process of weight loss you can reduce your bone density too. You can talk to your physician and also go for a bone density test to get a better picture of your bone health and if there is anything to worry about asking your doctor how to strengthen bones? You can also talk to your doctor about bone-strengthening drugs available in the market and consuming them can also help in recovering your bone density.


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