Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

Alcohol is a harmful drink for our body. When we consume alcohol, it enters into the body and creates some problems. Limited intake of alcohol may keep you safe, but excessive alcohol intake doesn’t do the same. Excessive intake of alcohol creates a lot of problems, including weight gain, increased risk of heart attack, premature aging, etc.

Here I’m going to show you some effects of alcohol on the body. I hope it’ll help you to understand the bad impact of taking a lot of alcohol regularly.

Top 7 Harmful Effect of Alcohol on Your Body

  1. Effect on the Brain: Alcohol has a huge negative effect on your brain. If you drink alcohol at a huge amount, you don’t remember a few hours just after drinking alcohol. People call it a hangover, but it is more like amnesia, a psychological trauma. So, you may think that it is just a time which has forgotten, but it is much more dangerous than that. Continuous behavior like this may result in long-term problems.

Regular consumption of alcohol affects the cells of brain and change or limittheir functions. As a result, starting from short-term amnesia, a number of psychological disorders may happen. Even a sip of alcohol may reduce psychological stability.

  1. Effect on Skin: Alcohol has a bad effect on the skin too. Consumption of alcohol creates acetaldehyde as a byproduct. This acetaldehyde is dangerous to the skin. When it is produced, it affects the skin cells,and the skin cells become dry and dehydrated.

As a result, the signs of premature aging start to grow; wrinkles are one of those. There are some other effects of alcohol on your skin. To know more, visit Alcohol’s Effect on the skin.

  1. Effect on Liver: Acetaldehyde produced by alcohol consumption attacks the liver cells beside skin cells. As a result, liver cell damage is a common problem occurred by consumption of alcohol. Besides, the liver needs water to perform its task. As alcohol dehydrates the body, the liver can’t perform its work properly.

Consumption of too much alcohol also influences the building up of fat on the liver. Thus, inflation and fatty liver disease happen. If a person with fatty liver doesn’t leave alcohol, he will later have alcoholic hepatitis. The situation will go worse if he continues the habit of drinking alcohol at a large amount. So, you shouldn’t exceed the limit of drinking alcohol.

  1. Effect on the Heart: The heart also becomes affected by consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is responsible for the irregular beating of the heart. Besides, an excessive amount of alcohol increases the blood pressure. As a result, the possibility of heart attack increases.

Heavy drinking also makes the heart muscles weak. As a result, the heart can’t pump blood efficiently. It is called cardiomyopathy. This enlarges the four chambers of the heart. When the heart becomes incapable to pump enough blood for the body, heart failure happens. So, if you want to keep your heart safe, try to eliminate alcohol from your daily life.

  1. Increases the Risk of Diabetes: Regular and high consumption of alcohol increases blood sugar level. As a result, the risk of diabetes increases too. There are some hormones that work for maintaining the blood sugar level. Alcohol doesn’t let those hormones to perform their task properly. As a result, this problem happens.

People who have diabetes and take alcohol regularly are at great risk of increasing blood sugar at an alarming rate. When alcohol enters into the body, it doesn’t let the insulin work properly. As insulin can’t work properly, the risk increases a lot. Besides, the additional ability of alcohol to increase sugar also works for fast sugar growth.

So, if you are taking insulin regularly, don’t take alcohol at all. It won’t give a good output.

  1. Effect on Body Weight: Alcohol always plays a vital role to add some body weight. Just like other foods and drinks, alcohol contains some calories. The amount of calories is different in different types of alcohols. But whatever you drink, you are gaining some calories. Gaining calories is not a problem as long as you are working hard to lose those calories too.

If you take excessive alcohol, the amount of alcohol will increase a lot. As alcohol leads to fatigue, you won’t have enough energy to lose those calories, I’m sure. As a result, your body will store those calories, and you’ll be fat.

Increasing body weight will lead to many other health problems. So, to remain healthy, limit the intake of alcohol.

  1. Alcohol Increases Depression: If you think that taking alcohol every time you are depressed will result in a good mood, you are wrong. It might seem that beer or wine will give you relief, but it is not true at all. The fact is, alcohol will work to increase the depression. Yes, a moment of relaxation will give you a thousand moment of depression.

Alcohol works for lowering the level of Serotonin and Norepinephrine levels. These two work for improving mood. As alcohol reduces those, your mental condition will go worse. Besides, alcohol reduces the efficiency of stress hormones.

There is another perception about alcohol that it might activate a gene that is linked to depression. Thus, which you are thinking a mental relaxation turns into a problem.

Final Verdict

It is known to all that alcohol is not good for health. A small sip may be normal, but when it becomes an addiction, it doesn’t stay normal. It becomes such a problem that can generate a lot of other problems and drag you to death. So, it is time to limit the intake of alcohol.

You are not restricted to take alcohol. But there is a certain level which you shouldn’t exceed. If you search, you’ll get a lot of guides which tells how much alcohol isn’t harmful to you. You can take help from those. But if you ask me, I may advise taking alcohol as less as you can.