When you use your nails anyhow during the day, you should be ensuring to keep them healthy. Regular maintenance would make you feel proud of those busy days. You won’t have a splurge on manicures if you follow the steps compiled below.


Swallow Biotin

To keep nails healthy, you don’t have to take dietary supplements so long as you stick to a nutritious diet. But, a dermatologist says that Biotin, a rich source of Vitamin B works a long way in strengthening nails. Even when they are weak, you would succeed in strengthening them once you take the pill daily.


Enjoy Nail Polish

Nail polish is only meant for enhancing beauty.

It’s harmless when you’re concerned about your nails. When you go for manicures, make sure that you select a nail polish free of acetone. While you clean the house or prune shrubs, wear gloves just to protect nails. Apart from retaining the shine, you would be keeping nails away from dust and dirt.

Moisturize Cuticles

Be particular about cuticles or else nails are prone to infection. Moisturizing nails is the best way to maintain the condition. Take care when cuticles get infected. Pain, swelling, redness or pus is one of the signs that must lead you to the doctor. When a professional is up with manicure, make sure that the area is not pushed back.


Trim Nails

When you pace ahead with a fashion trend, you should appear neat. Never neglect trimming nails. This helps to maintain their health and prevent them from breaking. Use a small file for making the edges smooth. Shed worries pertaining to ridges with buff all over the surface. This should always be one of the tasks when your manicure.

Scrub Gently

Rigorous cleaning doesn’t help in cleaning nails. It only gives way to bacterial and fungal infections. You would soon be bringing in a gap between the nail and the nail bed. Instead, scrub them with a nail brush till you think they have become clean. Never be aggressive or else the pointed bristles may hurt you. You may land with something serious rather than the way on how to keep nails healthy.

Wear Gloves

While you are washing countertops or cleaning utensils, then soapy water can weaken nails. Apart from your skin, the nails would eventually dry out. So, it’s always a good idea of wearing gloves for absolute protection. But, it’s interesting that swimmers don’t get affected even when they are inside the pool for long hours.

Manicure nails

Keep things simple when it’s about manicures. To retain the condition, procure a nail polish and apply a fresh coat the way you desired. Keep your hands away from acrylic polish; you would later be prone to infections. Moreover, exposure to ultraviolet light, may lead to skin cancer and affect nails. In case you out during summers, always minimize the risks by applying a sunscreen lotion.

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