Depression in Women: Causes and Signs


Depression is very common but a serious medical problem. It usually characterized by sadness but is not so. Depression in women has increased rapidly in past few years.  Although depression can affect both men and women but women are twice as likely to develop depression as men.  Why are women more likely to suffer from depression? Here is the reason.


Depression: Men Vs Women

It’s still not very clear that why gender gap exists in depression. Few studies say it happens because of the difference in hormones and other believe that both men and women suffer equally because of depression but women are more likely to be diagnosed with depression.

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No matter what the reason is but the fact says that women have more chances to get depressed than men. Let’s have a look at its reasons.

Depression in Women

Causes of Depression in Women

1.       Hormones

Hormones, such as estrogens play a major role in this depressive disorder. Reproductive hormones also have their fair contribution to the depression in women.  Ovarian hormones are directly associated with depression.  Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, postpartum depression, and premenopausal depression happen because of changes in ovarian hormones.  Usually, women undergo mood swings during their menstrual cycle. Out of 10, 7 women face this issue.  Few studies say that women’s risk of depression declines after menopause but this fact is not 100% true. Genes are also considered as a contributing factor in depression in women.


2.       Social Reasons

Sex of the hormones is not a single responsible factor for depression in women. Our social attitude also is in lead role. Women have a different choice of a lifestyle than men. Every small thing makes a big difference for women than men. Women since their childhood are more sensitive to other’s opinions whereas boys are encouraged to ignore such opinions.  Because of this, women became more sensitive about every small thing and men don’t bother much.

Women are working in offices nowadays but still, it is expected that they take care of their homes as well. This expectation gives stress to women; this is also one of the reasons for the great depression in women.

3.       Physiological Reasons

Generally, women are more involved in relationships than men. Relationship problems affect the women more and that’s why they are more likely to develop depression.  Women have to take care of young children, elderly parents, household work and office too. They are answerable to so many fronts; this stress can also lead to depression.

Women more likely to experience much stress like sexual abuse, emotional abuse or domestic violence. Any of these events can drag a lady into a deep depression. Here, we should look at one more fact; the social circle of a woman is very limited, usually, a woman doesn’t get time to hang out with her friends. This void also affects women’s mental health.

Signs of Depression

Emotions make a human better than any animal. Feeling good, bad or loved is part of our life and it’s totally normal. But being in a blue mood for a longer time is not normal. If we face some odd situation like losing a job, some financial problem or losing some loved one, we get tensed and stressed. This stress can bring situational depression. This situational depression may take a few days and sometimes it stays for a few weeks. But if this situation starts affecting your working ability it becomes depression.


Symptoms of depression can be varying from person to person. People in major depression describe it as an endless, dark road. Few people say it is like a black hole. Depression drains your energy. Physically you look healthy but only a person in the great depression knows how badly her body is betraying him/her.

Here are the few very common symptoms of depression in women:

  • Mood Swings: Mood swings are one of the first sign of depression. Here, we need to understand that being sad is not the only sign of depression. If a woman is sad at a moment and excited at very next moment, maybe she is suffering from depression issue. Sadness is a very visible sign of depression but does not ignore lots of excitement (without any reason) as well.
  • Guilt: A depressed woman usually blames herself for each and everything. She feels that she is responsible even for the global warming. Do not take it as a joke. When you start saying yourself that it is my mistake, it was my mistake, because of this it happened then you are in major trouble. This guilt will take you in a deep sea of stress. This guilt can generate the suicidal thoughts.
  • No Control over Emotions: When someone faces this depressive situation, that person lost his/her control over emotions. A healthy person will not cry on a small issue or without any reason in public but a depressed person does it and it happens very occasionally. A depressed person can cry his/her heart out at one moment and outburst in anger on another. If you become emotional about every small thing, give yourself time to find out if there is something wrong with you.
  • Loss of Interest: In depression, a woman can lose her interest in her favorite activities, like social interaction, and other hobbies. She doesn’t want to get up from bed even for the necessary works.
  • Low Mental Ability: Depression blocks the ability of decision making. In the depressive stage, a woman starts to feel that she is not able to decide anything.
  • Low Physical Ability: A Woman feels Headache, body pain, back pain and shoulder pain very frequently when they are depressed. She may feel tired all the time.
  • Sleeping Disorder: Sleeping too much or sleeping too less is one of the signs of depression.
  • Loss of Appetite: Changes in eating habits like eating too much or eating too less is also a sign which shows in a woman during the great depression.


If you have most of these symptoms and they have lasted longer than a week then do not ignore them and visit the doctor. Depression is a serious illness. When you can consult the doctor in fever then why not in the depression?

And one more thing, in depression you cannot think positive. Many people will give you suggestions of all sorts but it is better not to rely on homemade remedies and visit the doctor because the great depression can affect your life for a long term.


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