How Much Does Hair Impact Skin Health?


Each part of your body has a specific function, but they are all connected. So, a malfunction of one of the organs can affect the functions of the others. For example, your skin condition can affect other parts of your body and may even result in hair loss. Skin health is affected when hair follicles become inflamed or infected, keeping hair from thriving. Additionally, over-exposure to the sun and dryness of the scalp are other skin health problems that can affect the hair and its natural growth.


Hair Impact Skin Health


On the other hand, your hair care impacts skin health too. Skincare products are abundant in the market, and most people choose those that suit their skin type, especially if they have more sensitive skin. Similarly, hair care products are also carefully selected for specific hair types. However, both skincare and hair care products must complement each other as they could affect either your skin or hair. And for those who may have issues concerning abnormal hair growth in various parts of the body, seeking professional assistance for specialists using top standard laser hair removal machines by Lumenis is an excellent option that provides a quicker and more permanent solution.

Read on to understand how your health care routine can affect your skin.

How do your health care products come in contact with your skin?

You may be wondering that while you follow a good skincare routine, your skin may still have issues. Your hair care routine may be the reason for this. The hair care products you use can affect your skin’s condition as whatever you apply to your hair touches your skin. There are several ways this can happen. While rinsing shampoo from your hair during your shower, it travels down your face and other parts of your body. If your skin is sensitive, it can cause issues. The bangs on your forehead can also make hair products come into contact with your skin, as well as the pillow you use when you sleep.


Hair sprays, leave-in conditioners, and other hair products can cause skin irritations when applied since they also touch your skin. If your skin starts breaking out on your face and other areas of your body that your hair is in contact with, it may be your hair care products that travel through your skin and cause your pores to clog up. If your hair products are affecting your skin health, it would be best to stop using them and opt for those that are more gentle, preferably products without a strong fragrance.

Other ways your hair can affect skin health

Wearing the same hairstyle consistently can also cause skin breakouts such as acne. Since hair contains natural oils, being in contact with the same area of your skin can result in irritations. Unwashed hair can affect your skin health, especially after workouts or exposure to the elements. Also, the constant use of blow-dryers producing hot air dries the scalp and leads to acne.

It is always best to find appropriate hair care products that are least likely to hurt your skin and ensure that you maintain cleanliness on both your skin and hair.

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