Restylane Silk Review – Not just Another Derma Filler


Radiesse and Restylane Silk have existed since the mid-1990. They are unique derma fillers which are injected into targeted regions of the body and the face filling in lines. The FDA approves both products in America as safe cosmetic fillers. The treatments are powerful, fast and resilient.


Restylane is now the most requested filler accessible and continues to be in use since 1996. It is used mainly to correct fine lines around the mouth and brow. Restylane can also be successful in transforming thin lips into a full, voluptuous smile.

What exactly is derma filler?

Derma fillers may be used to cut scars or to plump lips. People who got scars will discover that their skin cans smooth, enhance their skins look and give them an extra boost of assurance. Anybody who has a dimpled skin look that needs to hide the dimples and finds that their day-to-day basis is not doing the trick will discover this particular treatment appealing, as it fills the holes and makes them with a lovely and smooth skin surface that they can be proud of.

A quick note on Restylane Silk

Restylane Silk is made from hyaluronic acid, a substance present in the body that holds moisture in your skin, adding youthful volume. Restylane Silk is specially formulated to create an improved lip enhancement effect while the conventional Restylane continues to be used for lip augmentation in Beverly Hills for years.


An edge of Restylane through collagen is that it is composed of hyaluronic acid, a natural material that already exists in the body. The crystal clear gel is biodegradable and does not have any animal-based hyaluronic acid, which removes all risk of allergies and animal disease transmission. Many bovine collagen patients have changed around due to the allergic reactions endured in the animal byproducts within collagen to Restylane.

The working methodology

Restylane-L and Restylane have now been used alone and in conjunction with botulinum toxins and other injectable fillers to reach facial rejuvenation and anti-aging for a long time. Here in our Beverly Hills facial aesthetics practice, we use Restylane to smooth out nasolabial folds (the lines that run from the base of the nose to the top lip), lip enhancement and to help smooth out marionette lines. Alone or used in combination, Restylane is really anti-volumizing and aging skin.

Restylane Silk


Are there any side effects of Restylane Silk?

As with any medication, side effects do survive, and not every treatment is right for every individual. Side effects after a Restylane Silk treatment usually are not significant, and your nurse shot specialist will discuss any problems that are potential during your first consultation while going over your medical history too.


Side effects from Restylane Silk may contain:

  1. – Nausea
  2. – Soreness
  3. – Swelling
  4. – Bruising
  5. – Headache
  6. – Itching
  7. – Redness
  8. – Sensitivity to touch

How Derma fillers are used?

This treatment is not only given to all area it’s administered where it’s wanted. It is injected directly into your skin at the stage where it is desired, like a scar, a line or a wrinkle. So it’s more unlikely to give any unwanted side effects that many patients concern around when it involves injectable treatments.

How long it last?

The good thing is that dermal fillers can survive anywhere from half a year to five years, according to the kind of treatment used. This long lifespan is determined by whether you’ve selected a long-term or semi-permanent option and if the person you have chosen to administer the drug is offering you an artificial or natural merchandise.

A word of advice

As with any cosmetic or medical treatment, a patient can expect other moderate side effects and some distress after the shots including swelling or bruising. Make sure you talk to your physician to get advice on your Restylane Silk treatment option that is best and most successful healing strategy


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