How to Start Your Tween on a Beauty and Skincare Routine


Skincare for tweens is a roller coaster ride. In many ways, things are less complicated but in some areas, it is very tricky. Young skin has a bounce and plumpness so you need not worry about the serum cocktails or the anti-aging creams. However, there are many other battles you will have to fight as a newbie to skincare. Your tween will have no experience in skincare and everything will be new. On the bright side, everything may work out well for her. But it is time to experiment safely. Just the way you want to buy accessories and shoes that will compliment their wardrobe, you need to invest in skincare products that suit their skin type.


When you are just starting a skincare routine, you must keep it mild and basic. The health of her skin should not be compromised so the key is a gradual introduction of the products through a trial and error method. It will keep the odds of identifying an allergy or irritant in your favor. There are some basics of tweens first skincare routine, let’s get into the details of it and set the steps right.


There is nothing as important as applying sunscreen when stepping out of the house. The UV rays of the sun can cause heavy burns and mess with the DNA. It can also lead to premature aging. You can find the right sunscreen based on her skin type but it is best to start with a mild one. Using makeup with an SPF is not a substitute for a dedicated sunscreen. It is important to apply a quarter- sized dollop of sunscreen to ensure that her skin is protected at all times. Always apply sunscreen on the neck and face.



The best way to remove the sunscreen and makeup is with double-cleansing. It is a must. It consists of using an oil-based cleanser followed by a regular foaming cleanser. When it comes to teenage skin, breakouts are a major concern and it is important to remove the sunscreen and makeup completely to prevent them.

Keep in mind that double cleansing is essential only after using makeup and sunscreen. If you have not applied anything to the face, there is no need for double cleansing, just wash the face with a regular cleanser. You must understand that squeaky clean is not the goal but keeping the moisture is the goal. The skin should always feel soft and hydrated after you have cleansed it.

Lastly, splurge on teen facials for your teen every now and then. Facials curated specifically for teens help with delicate skin, acne, and other teen-related skin issues.


Moisturising your skin is very important. Whether your skin is dry or oily, you can use a cream or an emulsion. If you have oily skin, you can use an emulsion. A face cream may be heavy and must be avoided except in very cold and dry weather conditions.


Keep it simple

Keeping it simple in terms of the ingredients is a safe approach and will help minimize the exposure to bad reactions. You must keep in mind that it is better to deal with a few ingredients than to handle 30 different ingredients and wonder what might have caused an allergy or irritation. A tweens skincare routine should not be complicated. It should be basic, quick, and effective.

Now that you know the steps, you can start a beauty and skincare routine for your tween but remember to use every new product for at least three weeks before you try a new one. If there is a negative reaction to the product, you should discontinue the use and do not try the product again. It also helps to go through the ingredients of the product before you buy it. This will give an insight about its likelihood to cause acne or irritation.

You are just starting with a skincare routine and your tween does not need a five-step or seven-step routine to follow every day. Keep it simple but choose the right type of products and ensure that they suit her skin. If you notice that most products cause an allergic reaction, you need to head to a dermatologist for advice.

These are little things that can go a long way to prevent acne and keep the skin healthy. It is as simple as changing the moisturiser if it does not hydrate your skin well. Get in the habit of doing the skincare routine regularly, even if you are exhausted. Teenage is the right time to start and it will promise a lifetime of healthy, beautiful skin. There is no better way than to establish a basic skincare routine and following it religiously. Never forget to remove the makeup before heading to bed. It can make a huge difference to the skin in the long term.


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