How Long Should I Wait to Bleach My Hair Again?


How Long Should I Wait to Bleach My Hair Again – Constant bleaching of your hair poses the risk of dry and brittle hair, matting, tangles, and hair breakage. This is because your hair elements are not well-matched to withstand such strong chemicals unless prepared for them.


There isn’t a usual timeline as to how long you should wait before you bleach your hair again, although some specialists say four to six weeks is a decent enough waiting period.

How Long Should I Wait to Bleach My Hair Again?

How Long Should I Wait to Bleach My Hair Again


Maximum hairstylists however cheer you to look at the state of your hair to ascertain if it’s ready to be subjected to bleaching agents again. If you want to know more about bleaching your Hair then Below, we get into more detail about some of the most rampant questions you might have about bleaching your hair.

What are the Durations & Factors to Consider before Bleaching your Hair?

As we mentioned above, it purely depends on the state of your hair. Whether it’s dry, flat, has split ends, or looks healthy and conditioned. One speedy look at the health of your hair and you should have an answer. However, numerous experts mention a waiting period of a minimum of four weeks up to six weeks. One month should be sufficient to reintroduce natural oils, moisture, and strength back into the hair shaft after which the hair can then be unprotected from bleaching agents again.


If you have certainly thin or delicate hair, you should wait lengthier for about six to eight weeks before considering bleaching again. Your hair is recognized to take more time to rejuvenate and get its strength back. That should be enough time to get the hair ready. After the said weeks have gone by and you notice your hair has no natural shine, numerous split ends, and just looks dull and dry. Give it more time to relax and become strong again.

Factors that indicate How long you should wait before you bleach:

  • The state of well-being of your hair.
  • How well do you care for your hair.
  • The color you are trying to attain.
  • Kind and volume of the bleach you had used before.

The State of Your Hair 

Beforehand you bleach your hair, you should always look at the state of your hair.  Like Is it shining? How strong are the hair strands? Or What is the general volume of the hair?

The replies to these questions should guide you to know when your hair is ready for the next bleaching session. This is because if your hair looks the same before your first bleach, don’t try a second bleach as the result could be catastrophic if not damaging to your hair. The health of your hair can help you sidestep multiple hair problems such as thinning caused by stressing the hair strands from the follicle. Thinning is often the first sign of hair loss and other simpler hair issues.

Split ends mean your hair is frail and lacking in protein, a repeat of the bleach will increase the breakage causing uneven hair length.

Care of Your Hair

After the bleaching sitting, your hair will be high absorbency. It will need more and more moisture until the hair starts to add volume again. You have to frequently condition and moisturize your hair for as long as it needs until the hair is healthy again.


Stick to a consistent regimen to keep the hair happy. This will guarantee your hair is ready to bleach as soon as possible. Even after those four weeks.

Color You’re Trying to Achieve

For dark-haired individuals getting a lighter shade of hair means they need to lighten or bleach the hair first then introduce the new hair color. This means frequently introducing bleach until your hair gets to the lightness of the hue you want. If you’re sure about this, start by purchasing the correct bleach from the start.

Bleaching numerous times means more exposure, hence go for a low volume bleach which is less likely to cause drying or damage to the hair. This way, the hair can even recover faster.

Be careful about the ingredients you are introducing to your hair as they can also disturb the outcome of your hair. Finally, read the instructions sensibly to avoid unnecessary procedures and to follow the guidelines properly.

Type and Volume of Bleach

Just similar to hair developers bleaches to have volumes, the more advanced it is the more concentrated it is. Again, if you wish to bleach sooner rather than later, always go for low-volume bleaches, and vice versa.


How Long Should You Wait Between Bleaching Sittings?

The suggested time is nearly one month but it could be sooner or later. The supreme factor here is the state of your hair. If it still feels injured after your previous bleaching session, more time is needed before you can bleach again.

If you wish to shorten the time frame between your bleaching sessions, there are a few things you could prepare for your hair;

  • You should care for and nurture your hair day-to-day, either product or regimen you use, and be consistent with it to ensure your hair recovers faster.
  • Deep condition weekly to reintroduce moisture. Don’t forget to pre-shampoo the hair with oils like coconut oil to stop stripping the hair of its natural oils even further.
  • Oil your hair daily or at least three times a week. This brings back the polish to your hair cuticles.
  • Evade heat sources at all costs. Don’t flat iron or blow-dry your hair.

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The best time limit is two to three times a year. This should be sufficient time for your hair to regain back its strength ready to be worked again.


This is just a theoretical point of view. The matter remains that you have to check your hair’s condition to determine if it’s ready for your next process. Check your ends for any split ends and bristling. You might also be due for a hair trim. All these should gauge how durable your hair is.

Hope now you know How Long Should I Wait to Bleach My Hair Again if you still have any queries and feedback then drop your queries in the comment section below.