What Other Hair Supplements Are Comparable To Nutrafol?


The long history of hair care treatment is really complicated, which is why today’s top options all go to great lengths to document their effectiveness and cohesion with the best science available on hair care. That’s part of the reason Nutrafol for women has been such a success, and now there are competitors that use the same approach with some different approaches and options that suit a wider customer base. So, out of all the hair loss supplements out there, what is comparable to Nutrafol?


Foundation Skincare’s Untangled

In terms of the nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals that the product delivers, Untangled has a very similar formulation to Nutrafol. While the exact balance of ingredients is different and Nutrafol has a small list of herbal extracts and natural components that Untangled does not, the major vectors of action are much the same.

  • Healthy additions of B vitamins like pantothenic acid, niacin, and biotin
  • Iron, selenium, and other minerals the body needs to build healthy hair
  • Folic acid and other key antioxidants
  • Saw palmetto for its documented abilities in preventing pattern hair loss in both sexes
  • Horsetail extract for its diverse blend of useful antioxidants and minerals

In terms of the differences between the two, it is worth noting that Nutrafol is built for women experiencing hair loss, whereas Untangled from Foundation Skin Care is designed to work equally well for both men and women, so it makes sense that there would be a few ingredients they can’t have in common.

High Performance & Less Expensive

Over the counter hair loss remedies with documented results are rare, which is part of the reason Nutrafol’s success left such a big impression. Between products aimed exclusively at men and those that started life as prescription remedies, its approach was also unique. Untangled offers similar benefits using the same supplemental nutrition and scientific basis, providing you with the performance you need to see results. It is also less expensive than Nutrafol and has more uses per bottle, in addition to the formula being gender-neutral.

Hair loss treatments are not universally successful, but your best chances for success come from the options that have scientific backing. When it comes to options that are designed to supplement your body’s needs so that it can easily restart growth, a lot of ground has been gained in the last decade or two, and today’s high performance OTC options are a direct result of that.


Compare Your Options

If you want to know whether you are comparing natural hair supplements that both get results, you just need to look at hair growth supplements reviews to see which customers are satisfied. There are a lot of formulations out there that either miss the mark on the amount of each ingredient you need or just include ingredients that do not have as much evidence behind them.

Checking reviews diligently can ensure you steer around them while pointing you toward the products that really deliver results. Start by reading up on what other customers are saying, then go where the evidence leads you.

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