Why You Should Get Your Testosterone Levels Checked


Are you feeling good, upbeat, and full of energy? How many times recently have you not felt quite right, or just not yourself, perhaps you are lacking energy, or perhaps you have a low sex drive. Maybe you have excess hair growth?  If you are eating a healthy and well-balanced diet and doing at least one form of exercise a day then what could possibly be wrong. Well. what about checking your hormone levels and your testosterone levels- have you had those checked recently? The answer is probably not as most people put off getting their levels checked.


However, you should not put off getting tested as in both men and women abnormal testosterone levels can be a sign of other problems, so the sooner you get tested the better. If you want an accessible test then there are affordable testosterone test options which you can purchase online and arrange to do at your own leisure and convenience. Having the test and getting the results in your hands will enable you to see if you have any underlying issues that need sorting out. It may even help you identify and address any issues that may be developing, perhaps that you have not even noticed.

Testosterone Levels Checked


Why Do I Need To Get My Levels Of Testosterone Checked

For men you may have concerns your testosterone levels are not where they should be, they could be too high or low, if perhaps you have the inability to have an erection and/or you have a decreased sex drive. You may be experiencing excessive tiredness with no justified reason, or you and your partner may be struggling to conceive a baby (low sperm count). You may even be experiencing hair loss, and possibly even mood swings.

Even more seriously you could be en route to heart issues including a heart attack. If you have experienced any of these it is definitely worth getting your levels checked. It is worth noting that you may experience one of these symptoms or a combination, so be aware of your body and any changes that take place.


Similarly for women too much testosterone (high levels) could lead to problems conceiving a baby, potentially through developing PCOS. Concerns and symptoms that could signal your levels are not where they should be could include acne, change in breast size, a change in your voice (it could deepen), and an increased amount of bodily hair (including growth on the face).

How Are My Testosterone Levels Going To Be Measured?

Testing is done via a blood test so results will be pretty accurate. When you get your results through it can feel scary and a little bit overwhelming. There are numbers and letters that probably won’t mean a lot to you, you may have seen them before you may not have. Levels of testosterone are usually measured in a unit which is called nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl).

Why Do I Have Abnormal Testosterone Levels?

It could be down to contributing factors such as being overweight, having a high BMI, or it could be through the natural aging process. It is common though to experience different testosterone levels at different stages in your life so do not be alarmed, everyone is different and there is no right or wrong answer. What might work well for you might not work at all for someone else.  It is worth bearing in mind that your testosterone levels whether they are too high or too low could be the result of a number of factors and influences such as aging, poor diet and poor health. As men go through the aging process their levels of testosterone pick around their 20’s and then drop year on year. In relation to poor diet, obesity has been linked as a contributing factor to low levels of testosterone. If you are in poor health, perhaps you are undergoing chemotherapy, or you may have an auto immune deficiency then this again will contribute to low testosterone levels.

What Happens If My Testosterone Levels Are Too High Or Too Low?

Once you have received your testosterone level results it can feel a little bit overwhelming, so the first thing to do is relax, look at what your numbers say and what your results mean, and then you can then start working out a course of action. Whether your course of action is holistic or drug-based the good news is that for men and women alike there are plenty of options available.  From having testosterone therapy to making some lifestyle changes such as improving your diet if you haven’t already, increasing your levels of exercise, taking supplements, and getting more sleep. Any course of treatment that you undertake (especially if going down the steroids/testosterone therapy route) may or may not carry the risk of side effects, so this is something to keep in mind. It is worth running through all of the options available to you before you commit to anything, and if possible speak to family and friends, as you never know who has been through treatment, and may be willing to share their experiences with you. Of course, If you still have concerns it is wise and advisable to consult your doctor at the earliest opportunity.

Testosterone Levels Checked


For women with abnormal testosterone levels vitamins and testosterone therapy may be advantageous. Alongside taking supplements, getting regular sleep at night (at least 8 hours), and watching what foods you eat, perhaps trying to incorporate healthier meals and snacks. As discussed earlier it is worth keeping in mind any side effects you might have from any medication you take and consider how this may impact or affect your daily life. Whatever your results, high or low, finding out your testosterone levels and getting a plan/course of treatment implemented as soon as you possibly can enable you to move forward and hopefully improve your overall wellbeing and health. If your results are normal it is worth bearing in mind how external factors such as diet and BMI can impact your levels.

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