The Main Benefits Of Physical Therapy For Your Health


Have you ever started working out but got discouraged almost as soon as you started, because you felt severe pain in some parts of your body without understanding why or where this was coming from? Since most of us are not experts, we sometimes mindlessly imitate moves we see in workout videos, unaware that we’re doing them wrong; this can lead to pain and/or physical injuries that can in turn affect our lives greatly if done wrong repetitively. This is where physical therapy comes in.


Physical therapists help people who have trouble staying active due to chronic diseases, old age, or severe injuries that affect the way they move. Another thing that physical therapy does is help us understand what we need to do to passively stay active by taking full advantage of every move we make; without adding too much pressure or strain on our muscles of course. We bring you this article to explain the main benefits of physical therapy and help clear up some misconceptions that are quite popular about physical activity.


What Stretching Is All About

There’s a common misconception that stretching is necessary before starting a workout. Stretching definitely has its benefits, but it isn’t the ultimate push muscles need for a smooth and healthy workout. What it really does is give your body more flexibility, and makes you feel pretty good, at least temporarily. What you need to understand is that it doesn’t increase the length of your muscles, and it doesn’t prevent injuries. Another myth about stretching is that it also doesn’t enhance your physical performance. The only thing it is great for is temporary flexibility and quick relief from stiffness.

What Actually Improves Physical Performance

Warming up the muscles is like gently waking them up and getting them ready for more activity. This is why it is crucial to warm up before you start a workout. Physical therapists and experts on physical activity at The Movement Dr. recommend that you perform some simple moves that get your body energized enough for a healthy workout. They also explain that the way injuries are cured is through a number of exercises that strengthen the weakened muscles and get them back to achieving their highest potential. Studies have proven that stretching isn’t how injuries are treated, but certain well-researched exercises are.


How to Overcome Injuries

What physical therapists do is that they work on strengthening the muscles around the injured or painful part of a patient’s body to reduce the pressure on that part. They also ask patients to do certain moves that gradually help heal the weak parts and eventually overcome the pain completely. It has worked wonders on various patients who have suffered from severe accidents. Based on the patients’ body and how it responds to therapy, many have achieved tremendous results after accidents that they had never experienced before.

It is important that people understand the difference between what has been scientifically proven and  spreading glorified myths; especially when it comes to our bodies. Many wrong beliefs have led people to accidentally hurt themselves rather than become more healthy; misinformation can get extremely counterproductive. Check your facts and start a new chapter of an informed, healthy lifestyle.

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