Does TestoGen Testosterone Booster Work?


The market for testosterone boosters is a competitive one, but the problem is a lot of the claims made for these products are not met with positive results. All too often people try a booster and find that it does not do what it is supposed to do. So, how do you ensure the one you choose is one that does the job?


We had a look at many of the products on the shelves, and also checked out customer reviews of testosterone boosters. One that met with regular positive reviews is TestoGen. According to TestoGen contains all the right ingredients that should be in a testosterone booster, which explains why it is a successful and popular example.

In the article that follows we will have a look at why men use testosterone boosters, what the active ingredients in TestoGen are, and we’ll give you a conclusion as to whether this popular product does the job it claims to do. Let’s start by talking about testosterone, and why men need to use boosters.

Why Use a Testosterone Booster?

Testosterone is an essential hormone for the male body. Produced by the testes, it is usually associated with masculinity and sexual performance. However, there is much more to testosterone than sex.

As a man passes his sexual peak so the production of testosterone reduces. It is no longer necessary. But testosterone is also involved in other areas such as bone strength, and cognitive performance – it helps our brain do the job it is meant to do.


Testosterone boosters are used by men who find their sex drive is wilting, or who suffer erectile dysfunction. Yet it is also popular with men who work out, as it helps muscle development. Men of any age may choose to use one of these products. So, why are we talking about TestoGen?

What is in TestoGen?

There are many ingredients that are often found in products of this type, and one that is known to help boost testosterone production is Vitamin D3. This vitamin is a known testosterone booster and also helps build muscle mass. Ginseng extract is another ingredient – in the case of TestoGen it’s Red Ginseng extract – that has an effect on boosting the libido.

Also common to many testosterone boosting products is fenugreek, a plant extract that is widely used in eastern medicine for its muscle building and sex drive improvement properties. Part of the problem of reduced testosterone is increased estrogen (the dominant female hormone, also found in men) and fenugreek is known to reduce estrogen levels, making space for testosterone.

D-Aspartic acid, magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin B6 are other ingredients that TestoGen shares with many testosterone boosters, but we want to look at those that are unusual to this product.

TestoGen Unique Ingredients

Vitamin K1 is an interesting ingredient in TestoGen that has properties known to help boost testosterone production and also aid bone density. This is an ingredient not often found in products of this type, but one that the makers of TestoGen have scientifically researched and found to be of use in this booster supplement.


Nettle leaf extract is sometimes found in testosterone boosters and is a known antioxidant, and clearly has some influence here although it is present in very small quantities. Another unusual ingredient – and also an antioxidant – is bioperine. This an element of pepper – in fact, it’s the compound that gives the hot and spicy effect – and is widely used in eastern medicine and in many food supplements.

Finally. We have Boron Citrate, which is another compound used to reduce estrogen levels, and is therefore aiding the creation of more testosterone to replace the estrogen. These ingredients have been brought together by the makers of TestoGen after much research and experimentation. It is notable – and important – that each ingredient in TestoGen is natural, and there are therefore no side effects reported.

So, now that we have discovered what is in TestoGen – and outlined the effects and purpose of each – we need to conclude whether or not it works as the makers promise, so let’s finish with a few words about testosterone boosters in general, and TestoGen specifically.

Does TestoGen Work Conclusion

As we said at the beginning there are many different products in the testosterone booster market. It is clear from customer reviews – most of which are entirely positive – that TestoGen is one of the better brands. We like the fact they are open about their ingredients, and that everything in the supplement is naturally obtained.

As with all products of this type we will add that while successful for some users, it may not be such for others. This is simply down to individuals, and it’s up to you to choose whether you want to try this popular and proven product for yourself.