Top 5 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Fleas


Nothing can be as annoying as the sound of a flea when you have just cozied up in your bed or just about to sit for your meal. Especially in the warm humid weather, these creepy fleas can appear from nowhere. Home Remedies Your pets and open food can be an open invite to fleas as they best serve to be flea hosts. And once these have entered they can drop their eggs everywhere that turn into larvae and finally roam about in the whole place making your life complete havoc. Flea eggs can survive for a very long time, thus even though you get a pest control treatment done fleas can return after some time.


Cleanliness is your most effective weapon against getting rid of fleas fast naturally. Cover your food always and dump your litter away in the garden. This proper hygiene home remedy will make your home completely flea free naturally. Once you have achieved this, here is a list of top to get rid of fleas from your house.

Home Remedies


SALT as a Home Remedies to Get Rid of Fleas

Salt is one of the most important ingredients

that we use to wash vegetables and clean kitchen slabs to stay free from germs. Well, this miracle ingredient can also make your home flea free.


Things you will need: Procedure:
a)    A Spice bottle


b)    Table Salt(you will need a good amount of it depending upon the area to be spread on)


a)    Fill the spice bottle with salt. Make sure you do not fill it completely leaving space to shake it while sprinkling the salt.

b)    Sprinkle salt all over the carpets and rugs covering the room area evenly.

c)    Leave it for 24 to 48 hours and then vacuum the area thoroughly.

d)    Salt causes severe dehydration in fleas and they get killed.




Ever Thought Dish-Washing Liquid can come to your rescue? Well yes, it can be one of the easiest home remedies to catch fleas.

Things you will need: Procedure: Misson Flea trap to be executed at night
a)    Dish Washing Liquid

b)    Tea Candles

c)    Small Bowl or Plate

d)    Luke Warm Water



a)   Take a bowl or a plate and fill it with warm water and dishwashing liquid(a good amount of it). Place it in the middle of the room.

b)  Place the tea light candle in the middle of the plate or bowl or keep it near it. Light the candle.

c)   Fleas get attracted to light and once they jump on it they will get trapped in the high viscosity liquid.

d)  Bingo your rooms are clear of the monstrous fleas.


It works the same way as salt. Boric acid acts as a dehydrating agent that kills fleas and other insects fast. But you will have to be extra careful while using it. Keep it away from pets and children and do not sprinkle boric acid on kitchen worktops.



Things you will need: Procedure:
a)    A shaker (you can make your own shaker bottle by using any plastic bottle pricking it from above to make holes)

b)    Boric acid.

a)    Fill the shaker with boric acid and sprinkle it on the carpets, under the furniture, and gaps in and around corners. Brush the carpets well to make sure you work the acid down into the carpets.

b)    Keep it for 24 – 48 hours.

c)    Vacuum all the surfaces thoroughly that have been sprayed with boric acid. Keep vacuuming the carpets regularly for a month as the boric acid will keep killing the fleas.


d)    Wash your carpets and rugs after a month and get your upholstery cleaned properly so that all the residues of boric acid go away.


Plants that Naturally Help Repel Fleas

A completely natural remedy that will not only keep the fleas away but will also beautify your home. We all use some sprays and repellents that have specific smells that fleas do not like. There are some common plants that serve as a great home remedy to get rid of fleas.

Things you will need: Procedure
Here is a list of plants that you can keep home

a)   Citronella

b)    Lavender

c)    Rosemary


d)   Marigold

e)   Thyme

f)     Lemon Eucalyptus

g)    Basil

h)   Mint and Peppermint


i)     Catnip

j)    Chrysanthemums


a)  Place the plants in every corner of the house and try to plant some in your garden so that you can use them as the repellent for fleas and other insects.

Habits that keep Fleas away from Home

  1. Identifying the areas where the fleas are more prevalent and try to find the source that they feed on.

  2. Educate your children about how to keep fleas away from home.

  3. Bath and groom your pets regularly. Frequently check and wash pet beddings.

  4. Vacuum your home thoroughly to physically remove flea eggs, larvae and food particles that remain on the carpets for the fleas to feed on.

  5. Use safe and effective flea control products or home remedies for fleas mentioned above to get rid of fleas completely.

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