Effective Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginitis

Vaginitis is a problem associated with the female reproductive organ. It is also referred to as Bacterial Vaginosis or Bacterial Vaginitis as well. This can cause huge issues both from having enough confidence and from the point of view of personal hygiene. What are the Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginitis? We will make an attempt at understanding it in the following paragraphs.

Bacterial Vaginitis – What It Is?

Bacterial Vaginitis or Bacterial Vaginosis is the inflammation of the Vagina.  It is also known by the name BV. If we use the medical language, Bacterial Vaginitis is the inflammation of the genitourinary tract of a woman’s vagina. The inflammation can cause a thick, white, and foul-smelling discharge from the vagina. It is characterized by inflammation of the vaginal area and a fluid discharge that smells quite foul.

home remedies for bacterial vaginitis

It can be caused because of the excess of bad bacteria in the vaginal region. Contrary to the popular belief that the infection affects women who have regular sex, Vaginitis can affect any woman irrespective of whether she has sex or not. If it goes untreated, it can cause other urinary tract syndromes.

How can we treat it?  Well, we will check out the home remedies that can be helpful in solving the issues. Read on to know more.

Best Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginitis

Why are we looking for home remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis? The reasons are obvious. The issue of Vaginitis or Vaginosis happens to be quite too personal. This can be a reason why women suffering from it will shy away from visiting the doctors. That is precisely why we are trying to find out the home remedies for bacterial vaginitis.
Having understood that we will now check out a few home remedies for the problem.

Follow the natural ways to cure a bacterial infection effectively. These can be the best natural remedies for BV.


Yogurt can be the best solution for Bacterial Vaginitis. It acts as a natural probiotic agent. A probiotic agent is a product that has plenty of good bacteria in it.

Yogurt can be directly applied to the affected area as a means of home remedies for Vaginitis. You also insert the cotton swabs soaked in Yogurt into the vagina. Many physicians and gynecologists suggest using Yogurt for the treatment of Bacterial Vaginitis. Eating at least a bowl of Yogurt can also sort out the vaginal imbalance and help you get rid of Vaginitis.


Garlic has stronger antibacterial properties. It can one of the best home remedies for bacterial vaginitis. Just like Yogurt, you can use it in internal or external ways.

Taking Garlic raw can have better benefits. One or two capsules per day would be enough to provide good relief from the symptoms of bacterial vaginitis. You can apply it to the vaginal area and surrounding areas. You can also wrap peeled garlic in a Guage and insert it into the vagina. Repeat the procedure once every 4 hours.

Breathable Underwear

Use breathable underwear. Cotton underwears are a good example. Undergarments made from the non-breathable material can trap the moisture within the area around the vagina. This can become the breeding ground for the bad bacteria in the vagina and its surrounding areas.

Make sure you are using the undergarments made of cotton. This would assume more importance if you are already affected by Bacterial Vaginitis. Never wear tight pants as they will not leave any space for breathing and thus in turn trap moisture.

Cold Water

Bacterial vaginitis can cause redness and swelling, which in turn can cause restriction to blood flow. This can further complicate things as you may feel irritation. It can be one of the good home remedies for BV.

Coldwater can provide relief from the redness and swelling. Though water may not be able to cure the symptoms of the disease or infection, it can help you relieve the irritation associated with the symptoms. Soak a cloth in cold water and lay it across the affected area. Repeat the procedure till you begin to feel relieved.

Avoid Vaginal Douching

Most American women douche their vaginas. This is a practice that scientists have proved as wrong across the globe.

Women who douche say it gives them a feeling of being cleaner. But, in fact – the practice of douching causes a bacterial imbalance inside the vagina. You should understand that vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism. Instead of cleaning your vagina, douching can actually make you more prone to infection.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide can act as a natural disinfectant for the vagina and can be one of the best home remedies for bacterial vaginitis. Using it as vaginal irrigation can be helpful in many cases. It is one of the effective bv remedies.

You can use one ounce of hydrogen peroxide daily for cleaning the vagina. What makes it one of the best options is it is quite affordable compared to the other medications and does not have many side effects. Use this method for one week and you should be able to get much relief from the symptoms of bacterial vaginitis.

Have Safe Sex

Of course, having sex does not have any bearing on your suffering from Bacterial vaginitis. But, at times not following proper hygiene may cause the growth of bad bacteria.

Use condoms for sex as much as possible. It can reduce the risk of bacterial vaginosis. Do note that having new or multiple sexual partners can also increase your risk of being infected with bacterial vaginitis. That makes it even more important to use condoms when having sex with new partners.

A few other home remedies for Bacterial vaginitis

Well, apart from the home remedies indicated above (along with a few precautions), you may also use a few other homemade medications to treat vaginitis and associated symptoms. Turmeric, for instance, is a good antifungal agent. You can dissolve turmeric in milk and drink for effective relief. Neem has the best antibacterial properties and you can use it to treat the affected areas as well.

The Final Thoughts

Whatever be the reasons that cause bacterial vaginitis, please note that it is curable. Yes, it can be frustrating, irritating, and at times a little disturbing. But, you can follow a few practices some do’s. Stick to a cleaner toilet regime. Make it a habit to clean your underwear thoroughly.

Clean the items of daily usage like pillows, bedsheets, and towels on a regular basis. Include the healthy items in your daily diet. In any case, make sure that you have included Yogurt as an important part of-of your menu. And yes, if home remedies do not work, make sure you contact the doctors.