‘Pay for the amount of water you consume’ by using Livpure Smart Water Purifiers

Over a period of time, there has been a tremendous change in the mindset of people. One of the major things that have changed with time is the ‘importance of investing in things that matter’.  For example, when someone moves to a new house; members of the family would be excited to shop for furniture, electronics, and other necessities required for the house. One of the items from the list is ‘Water Purifier/Water Filter’ which does the job of purifying water so that you & your family members can consume safe, healthy & purified water.

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livepure water purifier

Though Water Purifier/Water filter from a renowned brand like LivPure is considered a one-time buy, it still requires timely maintenance. This point is true for water purifier from any other brand as well. There is a big mindset change where people are interested in‘pay for product’ on a usage basis i.e. in such a case, the consumer does not buy/own the product but can use the product as long as they need it. A new trend that is picking up very fast is ‘Renting’ and people are willing to rent products ranging from furniture, clothes, and even water purifier. This is one of the best ways in which people can procure the best water filter in India. The ‘sharing economy’ is growing exponentially over a period of time since it reduces the burden of buying &maintenance.

This is ideal for someone who has moved to a new city (for a shorter duration) or someone who is staying on rent and does not want to spend money on buying a water purifier. Though tap water is considered safe to drink, it is highly recommended that you have tap water filter in your home. So, how do you enjoy purified water without owning a water purifier? Livpure Smart is the answer to this question. Livpure Smart is an online platform from the reputed brand ‘Livpure’ where consumers can rent Livpure RO water purifiers at zero buying cost. Since you are not buying the water purifier, there is zero installation charge, zero maintenance cost, and zero security deposit. Ideally, you have to pay for what you drink.

You have the option of buying water jars from the nearby shop, but you cannot vouch on the quality of the water that you are consuming. There is no way to check the quality since it can only be monitored at the refilling stations. If you plan to purchase RO Water from a reputed brand, you would have to shell out Rs.15,000~Rs. 35,000 to purchase the purifier & Rs. 4,000~Rs. 5,000 for annual maintenance. When you rent Livpure RO water purifier, you only pay Rs. 1.2 for 542 liters a month. The maintenance or service schedule is automated. You & your family can enjoy safe, purified water by spending less on water purifiers and this is possible by renting Livpure water purifiers.

The water purifier is smart since you can monitor the quality of water &health of water purifier by installing the Livpure Smart app on your phone. This is how such a water purifier for home can help in saving cost without compromising the water quality. You can choose from four different plans –Silver plan, Gold plan, Platinum plan, and Titanium plan. More details about the plans are available on the Livpure Smart website. Sharing economy is definitely solving ‘ownership problems’ and Livpure Smart has taken that a notch above by making it easy for consumers to rent quality water purifiers from LivPure.