7 Tips for Busy Mom to Stay Healthy and Happy


When you wake up to a crying kid next to you and you have to go to work, life can feel like a series of urgent assignments. People frustrated with their jobs can be seen in every corner of the world. The problem doesn’t lie in the job itself. But the fact that working mothers are unable to create a balance in their daily lives is what causes chaos. You deserve to embrace every moment with your precious bundle of joy, simultaneously excelling in your career. On that note, we have compiled a list of some quick lifestyle hacks that can come in handy when you are stuck between home and work. So, here are some tips to stay healthy and happy when you’re fighting with yourself to manage it all? Here are some tips that can help busy mom to be happy and healthy:


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Say No More excuses for Exercising daily

Fitting regular exercise in and around the daily duties of a busy mom lifestyle can be hard. The stresses of everyday work combined with raising a family can distract you from following a weight loss plan.

With that said, this is no excuse to ignore exercise completely. There are the same amounts of hours in each day that we all manage to complete our other daily activities, so how is it that we cannot put aside some time for exercise?

We don’t forget to brush our teeth or wash ourselves each day. Why is this so? They are a part of your planned daily routine. If you do not brush your teeth regularly, tooth decay can be a reality. It’s similar to not showering, with skin diseases being the issue. But do you realize that by putting off exercising, you can gain weight?


Saying that you don’t have much time to exercise is an excuse to get out of exercising in most cases. In all honesty, it is usually either a case of being scared of exercise or not knowing how to start. Despite the excuse, you can find the information you need to help add daily exercise to your routine.

Baby Toys

When babies are able to tilt or turn their own heads up, they demand continuous entertainment. But regardless of how rewarding that sounds, it is practically impossible. Toys such as baby board books, ring stacker, baby jumper, etc can prove to be of great help in such a situation. These items entertain the babies as well as help them develop. Even though you have to constantly exercise safety measures, you can switch your attention to other tasks alongside taking care of your toddler. Mother’s can also take their babies to baby jumpers activity centers where they learn and grow simultaneously. Learn more about the baby activity center so that you have complete knowledge.

Making the most out of bath time

We have all seen babies crying their eyes out during a bath and busy mom and dad struggling through the process. Well, that doesn’t seem like a pleasant sight. In fact, if it continues for long, both the parents and the children begin to dread it. So, in order to improve the situation and not make yourself go crazy over it, you need to make the most out of the bath toys. While bathing your baby, you can fix them up with a bunch of their favorite toys while you relax and enjoy at the same time!

Avoiding luxuries during feeding

When you feed your baby, try not to warm the milk every time. Instead, let them get used to drinking it at room temperature. If you raise your kid with this luxury, it is going to cost you a lot during those late-night feeds. You can even let your husband handle the midnight shift while you take some extra sleep.

Keep your surroundings as tidy as possible

While this might not be the advice you are looking for but a tidy surrounding can help you relax better than a cluttered environment. The best measure is to get a nanny and a housekeeper. But not every parent is able to afford it. We don’t recommend you to go on a cleaning spree with a toddler to take care of. Although you can start by making the bed as it will help you feel organized, calm, and not busy mom.

Have playtime with your kid!

Even though you love your kid to the core of your heart, it is easy to get frustrated when you handle multiple tasks at the same time. Thus, it is important to make sure that you spend quality time with your toddler when you are not involved in chores like feeding, bathing, etc. Just focus on making your baby smile and entertaining him. The experience is sure to feel rewarding and won’t make you a busy mom.


Contrary to the popular conventional opinion, seeking out efficient hacks isn’t cheating or being a lousy parent. In today’s world, the more shortcuts you can apply without using them at the expense of safety to make your life easier, the smarter parent you become. Even though you might not be able to implement these ideas to the fullest, something is better than nothing. Especially, when it comes to childcare, it is important that you make the experience rewarding for yourself as well as comfortable for your baby.

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