New Approach of Repairing Tooth Decay


Many people suffer from tooth decay, which can be incredibly painful. Dentists have been traditionally treated such tooth decay by using metal fillings to stop any potential tooth loss. The whole experience can be very agonizing to patients; plus, the look of metal filling can be unappealing to many, so they shy away from showing their smile confidently.


But, luckily, dentists and scientists have been working on new methods to help treat tooth decay and give people their confident smiles back.

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Tooth Decay


Tooth-colored fillings

Metal fillings for cavity-filled teeth are the most popular option among dentists. But the problem with them is that they don’t always look so good, especially if placed on the front teeth. Luckily, this does not have to be the case anymore. Newly developed tooth fillings have emerged, wherein the fillings are of the same color as the teeth and are almost entirely invisible. When a tooth suffers from decay or is chipped somehow, a blend of tooth-colored substances is molded into the tooth bringing it back to its perfect shape and color. Once the patient has consulted their dentist, the whole process doesn’t take much time and is fairly pain free. It would also allow the person to smile confidently straight after their treatment.


Root canal filling and crowns

Tooth-colored fillings are a great new approach to fixing tooth decay and cavities. But they usually work for fairly small affected areas and small restorations. A similar alternative in color if the issue is bigger, such as the case with tooth decay due to root infections, is filling the root canal and placing a white crown. This approach is slightly more advanced for severe cases of decay where the visible part of the tooth is removed or carved slightly, the root canal filled with similar deposit to treat the pain, and a topping crown the exact shape and color as the tooth is placed. It’s also a good option to ensure the look of the tooth remains as similar as possible with our own teeth.

Enamel treatments and other forms of repairing tooth decay

There are a number of options, dentists offer patients when it comes to treating the decayed teeth. If the decay is so small, even just a little dot caused by a cavity, then treating the enamel using fluoride can help reverse the decay. Tooth fillings come as the next best option and, in some severe cases, the tooth may have to be removed entirely. It all depends on the severity of the decay and the options your dentist could offer at that time.

Tooth cavities and decay can cause excruciating pain to patients. Dentists can treat such pain and help patients regain their confident smiles using tooth-colored fillings. Unlike metal fillings, these white substances can be used to treat small decays and give the teeth their natural look. There are a number of other options to treat any tooth decay, but a dentist would need to be consulted at first to understand the severity of it. Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist about the option you’d prefer to see if it would be possible.