Tips on How to Stay Healthy During A Community Lockdown


Lockdowns pave the road to serious unhealthy habits that can change our lives for the worse, even after the lockdown is over. Staying healthy during lockdown is key to maintaining a better outlook and attitude towards life and avoiding getting into a funk over what is occurring around you. Although it is easier to slip into unhealthy habits, trust in the fact that staying healthy throughout such frustrating times can motivate you and give you the motivation to be more productive.


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1 – Maintain a Healthy Diet

This is one of the main factors you need to tackle if you want to remain healthy when you are in a lockdown. A healthy diet will not just ensure that you do not gain weight or become physically unwell, but it also ensures that you do not become lethargic and irritable throughout your time in isolation. If you are someone who does not have access to any kind of meat at the time of lockdown, you can easily get the nutrients you need by adding hydrolysed marine collagen powder or other vitamins and supplements to your daily meals. These supplements will ensure that you are getting the vitamins and nutrients you need as you are not being exposed to them anymore regularly. Maintaining a healthy diet also means that you need to eat regularly throughout the day to ensure that you have enough energy to do your work or other at-home activities.

2 – Maintain a Routine

Since you are in a lockdown due to the chaos occurring around you, you need to set a routine for yourself or else you will find yourself wasting hours of your time doing nothing. This will only result in having to make up for the lost time by putting off tasks to the following day or simply not doing them at all. Maintaining a routine, like the one you had before the lockdown, with small adjustments to adapt to the lockdown, will keep you healthy psychologically in this time of uncertainty.


3 – Exercise

If you usually set aside hours to exercise when you’re not locked inside your home, then you can find an hour or two to do some home exercises. This will allow you to stay fit at a time when there is not much physical activity and give you an outlet for restless energy that you need to let out.

4 – Change Your Setting

This can seem like a hard thing to do when you are in lockdown, but it is simpler than you think. Changing your setting doesn’t have to mean braving the outside world and meeting up with people. All you need to do is simply move to another room or sit someplace other than your usual. You can also go a step further and change the arrangement of a room. This will trick your mind into feeling less trapped and thus you won’t be feeling as edgy and irritable.

5 – Evaluate Hunger

Because of the long hours doing nothing, sometimes boredom is misinterpreted as hunger. This drives you into eating junk or snacking too much. To avoid this vicious cycle, every time you feel hungry evaluate how truly hungry you are. A tip that works, if you do not know for sure whether you are hungry or not, is to drink some water. If after drinking some water, you are not feeling hungry, then you weren’t hungry, you were just bored and wanted something to do.

Using these tips, you can maintain a healthy life while you are going through a lockdown. Remember that while it is boring and sometimes, it can get frustrating to stay at home for so long, you can still be healthy. You can control your emotions and direct them towards being productive and remaining healthy.