6 Steps To Take After A Slip And Fall Accident


Slip and fall accidents may result in serious injuries that can alter the course of your life permanently. If you slip and fall while you’re on a certain property because of negligence, you should receive compensation for the injuries you’ve incurred.


Your immediate actions and statements after the slip and fall accident may have an impact on the claims you can pursue, so it’s crucial to take action and protect your rights. This way, you can hold the negligent property owners who are responsible for the accident and get compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and other costs related to recovery.

If you want to get more information on how to take action after suffering from injuries due to a slip and fall accident, make sure to consult a legal expert. Below are some of the steps you should take after a slip and fall accident:

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Slip And Fall Accident



1. Seek Proper Medical Attention

Medical attention isn’t only crucial for your safety, but it’s also the first step to build your case. Once you’re hurt in a slip and fall accident, one of the first things you should do is document your injuries. With that in mind, visit the nearest hospital immediately to get a medical record of your injuries.

Seeking immediate medical attention after a slip and fall accident will help you prove the timing of your injuries. Typically, the other party will try to dismiss your injuries or deny your statement about the injuries you’ve incurred. So, if you go to the doctor right after the accident, you’ll be able to prevent this problem.

Moreover, the full extent of your injuries might not be apparent to you after an accident. If you suffer from head trauma, you might not be aware of it. There are some injuries that could be hidden from you after the fall. Medical experts know what to look for and can guarantee that all your injuries will be identified.

2. Report The Accident

Regardless of where the accident happens, whether it’s on a sidewalk, in a store, or at your friend’s house, ensure that you report it to a landlord, manager, or owner. Remember to get the incident’s details in writing. Ask the landlord, manager, or owner to make written reports and request copies before leaving.

Making official reports can be critical for your claim’s timing. Having a report can stop the other party from claiming that you didn’t take the accident seriously once it happened.


3. Document Everything

It’s vital to collect the phone numbers, addresses, names, and email addresses of all possible witnesses. Their statements might help prove your claims once you decide to file a claim. Moreover, take photos of the place where you fell, and don’t forget to take a photo of the icy patches, stairs, or conditions that contributed to the accident.

You should also jot down what you were doing before the accident happens, details of how you fell, and other information like the date and exact time. Place the clothing and shoes you’re wearing during the accident in a safe place because they can be used as evidence in the long run.

4. Determine The Witnesses

To verify your statement about what happened, it’s critical to have witnesses. If a slip and fall accident happens at a commercial building, other customers would ideally serve as your best witnesses. It’s essential to get their personal information so you can contact them and have them testify on your behalf. So, if possible, approach witnesses and ask for their contact details. You may even ask for an explanation of what they’ve witnessed when the accident happens.

5. Don’t Give Statements

Limit your communication and stay calm when dealing with the business owners and property manager or owner. Never post any information related to the accident on any of your social media accounts. You also shouldn’t provide a statement to an insurance provider until you’ve discussed everything with your lawyer.

6. Work With A Lawyer Immediately

The other party wants to pay you as little as possible. When you talk to your insurance company or the other party involved, they could take what you say out of context.


Work with a lawyer who can handle negotiations with the other party. Lawyers know when to provide or withhold information. Just ensure that your lawyer has years of experience handling slip and fall cases.


Never compromise in paying expensive medical bills due to an accident caused by someone else. If possible, work with a lawyer as soon as possible. With the help of legal professionals, you can be assured that you’ll get the justice you deserve and get through the process without experiencing too much inconvenience.

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