Kelly Doty Weight Loss Journey


Kelly Doty Weight Loss – Kelly Doty, she got born in Connecticut, is a professional tattoo artist who was a finalist in the TV show Ink Master Season 8. She is recognized for her illustrative spooky tattoos and simply gained admiration for her amazing designs. She also became a fan favorite because of her Medusa tattoos and her style can simply be described as “bobbleheads”.


Inappropriately, in the season she lost to Ryan Ashley, but her medieval tattoos made everyone remember her. Later on, she simply returned to Ink Master Angels as a judge and showed off how much weight she lost in that small time phase. Kelly Doty was previously famous because of her unique tattoo designs but recently increased in popularity again because of her unbelievable weight loss. 

Kelly was kind of healthy when she was a contestant in Ink Master but later as she got back as the judge of Ink Master Angel, she appeared pretty toned. This is when her fans started asking about her weight loss journey. Formerly she used to weigh about 70 kgs but now she weighs about 55 kgs. Her face appears thin and her body mass seems flawless with her height. The difference can be effortlessly spotted in her Instagram posts. 

Now, she appears pretty healthy now and has been spotted to simply follow a very healthy lifestyle now. 

Kelly Doty Weight Loss

Kelly Doty Weight Loss



Kelly’s severe weight loss can be simply spotted when you compare her before and after pictures. She is much thinner now and does not have chubby cheeks anymore.

Although she did not lose that much weight likened to other celebrities like Shehnaaz Gill, and Sara Ali Khan people who are famous for their weight loss journeys, the amount of lost weight really suits her flawlessly now. Now, as of 2022, Kelly has a perfect figure, now according to her age (38 years) and height (5ft 5 inches). 

How did Kelly Doty Lose Weight? 

Now, not much is known about how Kelly Doty lost her weight but bases say that she lost weight by following a proper diet plan and appropriate exercising. She also even hired a fitness coach to help her in her weight loss journey.

Numerous claims that she lost weight with the support of surgery, but this is completely wrong and fake news. Rather it was extremely hard-working and preserving a proper diet chart that helped her in this journey. 

Kelly Doty’s Diet to Lose Weight

Now, sources claim Kelly started avoiding junk foods and started consuming low-carb fruitsvegetables, and foods. Her diet plan included the following. 

  • Breakfast – Toast and egg whites
  • Lunch – Loads of vegetables and salads, poultry
  • Evening snacks – Avocado, soy milk, coffee
  • Dinner – Meat, egg, and salads 

This diet plan was surveyed by Kelly Doty but not on a regular basis. She simply used to exclude some and include some to maintain the variation. 

Here are Kelly diet workouts:

Kelly simply started hitting the gym every day in the morning and in the evening. She even hired a physical to assist her and her workout regime included the following exercises. 

  • Jumping rope
  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Low-intensity cardio
  • Strength workouts

Now, along with this, she simply used to jog on a regular basis and used to keep a rest day for recovery in this fast-paced lifestyle where everyone is living a corrupt lifestyle, Kelly Doty serves as an inspiration and also shows that even if you are busy if you take out time for yourself to have a healthy lifestyle. 

This healthy lifestyle assisted her to lose weight and get to shape. This is the way how Kelly Doty lost weight and actually, this is also likely for everyone if they can simply follow a proper diet plan and perform bodily intense workouts on a regular basis. 

FAQs on Kelly Doty Weight Loss:

  • How did Katie from Ink Master lose so much weight?

Now, her very first step into weight loss was defining a healthy amount of calories that she would allow herself to consume each day. She also coupled that with 30 minutes – 1 hour of cardio three times per week.

  • What is Kelly Osbourne’s diet for weight loss?

Kelly transformed her diet into a plant-based, vegan diet. She also started doing 16/8 intermittent fasting and still follows this plan to maintain her weight and burn fat. She simply skips breakfast and drinks only a coffee and green juice before she has her initial meal of the day.

  • How does 16-8 intermittent fasting work?

16:8 Intermittent fasting includes fasting for 16 hours a day and simply consuming all calories during the remaining 8 hours. now, the suggested benefits of the 16:8 plan contain weight loss and fat loss, as well as the deterrence of type 2 diabetes and other obesity-associated situations.

  • How did Kelly lose weight?

She simply started by cutting out treated foods and sugar from her diet and started working out with a trainer numerous times a week and the results have been astonishing Kelly has lost 37 pounds so far.

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Kelly was kind of healthy when she was a contestant in Ink Master but later as she got back as the judge of Ink Master Angel, she appeared pretty toned. This is when her fans started asking about her weight loss journey.

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