Priscilla Block Weight Loss Journey with Diet


Priscilla Block Weight Loss Journey – Priscilla Block is an American country music singer and songwriter. Her song “Just About Over You” became viral on TikTok and Nashville Music gave her a contract to relaunch the song under their name. This is how she was presented to the music industry.


Now, later on, the album “Welcome to the block party” released in 2022 became a chartbuster. She is also famous for her publicity singles which include “Thick Thighs”, “PMS” and “I bet you wanna know”. Priscilla was also chosen for the Academy of Country Music Awards and CMT Music Awards.

Now, almost everyone knows about Priscilla Block’s accomplishments but some know about her weight loss journey. She simply lost about 15kgs within a short time gap of 2 years and has sustained to preserve this weight till now. She went from 70 kgs (approx) to 55 kgs and she is still trying to lose more weight to get in proper shape.

Losing weight is a test but maintaining that weight till now is a big achievement and her weight loss journey is more absorbed on how can you maintain the lost weight than how can you lose weight. 

Priscilla Block Weight Loss

Priscilla Block Weight Loss



Now, from the very beginning, Priscilla was trying to lose weight but was unsuccessful every time because of her immense love for junk food. According to her, there is a delusion running in the country music industry that you simply need to lose weight and be slim to gain fame and success.

As a consequence, she simply wished to lose weight to make it big in the music industry. She basically tried losing weight numerous times by controlling her diet and trying out exercises, but couldn’t succeed. But later, with her dangerous mental strength, she made a good diet plan and went on to do high-intensity workouts on an even basis to lose weight in such a small time. 

Although she simply wished to lose weight from the very beginning now she also feels like everyone is flawless in their own way and one doesn’t really need to be slim to make it to the industry. In an interview, Priscilla said,” It’s cool that we can hopefully inspire other people that want to land in country music, and let them know that they don’t have to fit into a box.

Now, she further added, “Some people view it [her curves] as a setback. I view it as an asset. It’s ‘hey, I can talk about things that maybe people aren’t talking about and with any luck inspire people along the way.’” Furthermore, on her Instagram, she also posted a video talking about this and her relation to the song “Thick Thighs”

How did Priscilla Block lose weight?

Now, from the very beginning, things were very clear about Priscilla’s block. She simply believed in order to get success in the industry, weight loss is a mandatory thing. As a result, she started seeking out ways to lose weight but ultimately failed every time.


But later, she simply took on a balanced diet plan and started concentrating on regular exercise. The amount of weight lost by Priscilla is very less, but the actual inspiration lies in the fact that how did she preserve herself after the weight loss? People can simply lose weight but maintaining yourselves after the weight loss process is really hard.

Now, as a result, numerous tend to simply gain sudden weight after they reach their goals. This is not the case with Priscilla. She preserved herself even after losing weight and in her recent Instagram photos, she looks very pleased and vibrant and very similar to Chrissy Metz, She doesn’t want to lose any more weight, rather she now tells her fans to accept how they are and simply continue to do what their heart tells them to do. She emphasizes being healthy than losing weight. 

Priscilla Block Weight Loss Diet Plan:

Priscilla Block absorbed a lot in her diet and she hired a dietician who would guide her with her diet plan because of her numerous failures. She started avoiding junk food and started overwhelming low-carb and low-calorie foods that will support her in the weight loss journey. Her expected diet plan varied from day to day. 

  • Breakfast – eggs, sandwiches
  • Lunch – Leafy vegetables, soup, salads, and a type of meaty fish
  • Evening snacks – Fruits (sometimes), green tea/coffee
  • Dinner – Chicken steak, boiled vegetables

There used to be an alteration in food every time in her daily diet plan. But she followed a diet plan very similar to this which aided her in her weight loss journey. Now, along with this, she simply used to drink a lot of water that kept her hydrated throughout the day.

Now, after losing the desired amount of weight she started overwhelming foods that she loved but in moderation. A controlled portion is the key always to a healthy lifestyle. 


Priscilla’s Block Workout Plan to Lose Weight

Now, not much is identified about Priscilla Block’s daily workout plan. This is obvious that she used to run for at least 10 minutes on a treadmill. Besides this, she simply used to perform low-intensity tests such as rope jumping, burpees, and aerobics.

She never proposes high-intensity workouts as people shouldn’t do something if they do not like it. 

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Priscilla block is also motivation when it comes to weight loss. Particularly, simply maintaining a similar weight till now after losing weight is a big achievement. Now, unlike other celebrities, she never directs her fans to not eat this or that, rather she directs her fans to eat whatever they like in reasonable amounts and live their lives to the fullest.

We have shared everything about Priscilla Block’s weight loss in this article for you if the info that we shared above helped you in any way then do share it with others.


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