Cathy LeFrancois: Details About Professional Bodybuilder


Catherine-Cathy LeFrancois is a Canadian figure, professionally known for bodybuilding. An IFBB Pro women’s bodybuilding ranking list, she earned the badge as 10th best female bodybuilder in the year 2013. This famous athlete retired from bodybuilding in 2003 and again joined in late 2006. This article gives you the detailed analysis of Cathy LeFrancois Net Worth. 


Early Life

Cathy was in Quebec City of Canada on 12th February 1971. Cathy was adopted by a nurse (Mother) and a school cook (father) at the age of 4. She is French Canadians. Cathy has two sisters and one brother. Cathy started figure skating at the age of 6, but at the age of 8, she moved on to speed skating, badminton, tennis, and alpine skiing.

She was fascinated by one of her classmates, who had veiny forearms, and from there she got interested in bodybuilding. She started speed skating after being impressed with Rick Voyer, who had huge legs and calves from speed skating. Thus, from a young age, she had built an interest in bodybuilding.

Cathy attended Notre-Dame-de-Foy in Quebec, Canada. Her parents worked hard to provide her fortune but she managed to create her own wealth.

Professional Career Of Cathy LeFrancois

At her younger age, she started taking participating in speed skating competitions and won three gold medals. One of her remarkable accomplishments is- Five medals in the Quebec Provincial Championships.


Cathy won the overall title at the CBBF Canada cup in 1995 and eventually earned a pro card. After winning her pro card, in the year 1996, she made her pro debut at Jan Tana Classic. In lightweight competition, she has exclusively competed.

She won 2003, Ms. International, for lightweight class, which is till date, her one of the remarkable achievement. Due to sports politics and her interest in a figure competition, she had on-off with Bodybuilding, but Cathy is one of the successful women bodybuilders.

Cathy LeFrancois Net worth

This famous Canadian Bodybuilder has an estimated Net worth of 1 Million. Cathy LeFrancois Net Worth is 1 Million due to her dedication and passion for bodybuilding and participation in a figure competition.

Cathy has won many title-awards for her participation in International championships and Supershow. Her participation and awards have helped Cathy LeFrançois Net Worth to grow 1 Million.

Cathy has gathered Net Worth through different sources, but her primary source of Income is Bodybuilding. With a Net worth of 1 Million, she is one of the richest-famous women bodybuilders in Canada.


Career Figure Of Cathy LeFrancois

At an early age, she was influenced by one of her classmates and later on by Rick Voyer to persuade her career in bodybuilding. Her friend Steve always had motivated her for a professional career but unfortunately, Steve was killed by a drunken driver.

Cathy has dedicated her professional Career to her friend Smith. In 2003, she voluntarily retired from bodybuilding and transitioned her professional career to figure competition. She took part in the figure competition in 2005-06 in IFBB Europa Supershow, Sacramento Pro Figure, and IFBB California Pro Figure.

She tried to shift her career in figure but later on realized where she belonged ultimately and switched back to bodybuilding again in late 2006. Since then she took participated in many international and pro shows. She retired from her figure career in the year 2006.

Cathy’s Decision of Career Shift

Cathy had an on-off career in bodybuilding. She first decided to give up on her bodybuilding career because she was fade up with Sports politics. She joined her Bodybuilding career again and later on retired for a Figure competition. Finally, she realized her place was in bodybuilding only and then dedicated her life to it.

Although she did not serve in her Figure career for many years, she pulled out some achievements in shorter span.


Achievements and Awards

In her professional bodybuilding career, she has won many awards and has made spectacular achievements. Some of the best are; 1st in Lightweight in 1991 CBBF Easter Canadian amateur bodybuilding championship, 1st in MW/Overall in 1995 CBBF Canada Cup III amateur bodybuilding championship.

As earlier stated, her 1st position in Ms. International in 2003 is her biggest achievement. After joining bodybuilding again in 2006, she was reckless and won the 1st position in New York Pro 2008. Her journey of achievements continued throughout her professional career.

Personal Life

Cathy was married to Lee Priest– a competitive bodybuilder in the year 2000. The athlete couple had personal conflict like everyone does and got separated in the year 2005. Since then, Cathy focuses on her professional career.

Cathy always has been professional and has never let her personal life impact her professional career.

Propower Cat Gym- Cathy’s Private Gym

One of the contributory factors of Cathy LeFrançois Net worth is her private studio gym. She opened her Private Studio Gym named- Propower Cat Gym in the year 2013, and that has helped her in having a Net worth of 1 Million.


In her gym, she motivated people to do circuit training. She focuses on cardiovascular activities, burning calories, and putting intense efforts to get the desired body.

Before opening her own gym she used to regularly train with professionals. She consistently used to modify her exercises and equipment to improve results of her workout.

Projected  Cathy LeFrancois Net Worth

The resources say that Cathy would be extremely busy throughout the year 2021. With her private gym and followers from social media, her projected Net Worth is 5 Million. Cathy has many sources of income and combining all her projected Cathy LeFrancois Net Worth is around 5 Million.

Wrapping Up

Cathy LeFrançois is one of the most successful athletes, one of the richest women in bodybuilders, and one of the most inspirational figures of Canada. Canadian Athlete, Cathy LeFrancois Net Worth is 1 Million. Her projected Net worth is 5 Million with upcoming years.

With her passion and dedication, she has earned a glorious name in the bodybuilding industry. She has inspired many people with her success story/awards and now helping people in building the desired body in her private gym.