Strong Lower back: A must in Bodybuilding

Foundation of a strong body is strong lower back muscles. Without the strong foundation, there is no chance of strong building. Most heavy exercises based on the strength of your lower back, even lower back exercises are not head turning or glamorous like biceps or abs, but without stronger back you can’t build nice abs and biceps.

So the importance of lower back and its exercises cannot be denied. So laying the strong foundation is crucial.

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Anatomy of Lower Back

Lower back is also known as Erector Spinae or can be called as spinal eracerter. These are the muscles of the lower body that not only give strength to the upper part of the body but also form the posterior chain which includes hamstrings and glutes. These muscles are known as lower back muscles but they run at the top of the upper body like neck and to the sacrum region. These muscles help in strength, balance, the collaboration of upper part of the body with the lower part of the body and involved in the movement of the spine, legs and also the neck.

Damage to theses muscles can cause difficulty in walking, standing and upper and lower body dis-functioning.

Importance of Training the Lower Back

Lower back is the most important part of the body. In workouts, the importance is increased quite a lot for powerlifters, athletes and bodybuilders. Along with strong abdominal muscles, lower back muscles are also the core part of the body.

This area is also considered as the foundation of the strong body. This area provides support and strength to the whole body. Individual who train only abdominal muscles and neglet lower back muscles may face back problems in future. Muscular imbalance should be avoided in a workout, so the importance of growing abdominal muscle is equal to growing strong lower back muscles. Muscular Imbalances can cause severe threatening injuries for the trainee in future

Every workout includes lower back, the more strength lower back will get it will maximize the improvement in every exercise from squat to deadlift and to curls, it will also reduce the chance of injury.

Powerlifters understand the role of strong lower back because it plays an important role in power lifts while athletes understands its importance in increasing speed and its role in posterior chain.

Having strong back not only benefits the powerlifters, athletes and bodybuilders but also normal people. WhatSteroids provides informative workouts not only for powerlifters, athletes and even commoners who are seeking to make their body fit and strong.

Best Lower Back Workouts

Lower back workouts are different from other body workouts. There is no single workout that is developed only for lower back of the body. Whatever the body type one has, or from any group he belongs (Athlete, body builder, and power lifter). He should not work on lower body separately, because of certain reasons

  • Every workout somehow affects the strength of  lower back so separate exercises and weight for lower back muscles would be a kill for them
  • Every exercise either it’s a dead lift, jumping jacks, hamstring exercises , push ups or sit ups includes lower back muscles. So the lower back exercise should include legs and lower body as well.

Along with the exercise, some workout tips to build muscles should be kept in minds that are:

  • Every exercise is good for lower back muscles but it should keep in check that one is not over doing the workouts because it may exert negative effects on the lower back.
  • Force paths and heavy machines should be used according to the individual’s flexibility and ability. Heavy exercises should not be forced for early results
  • One should get the detail knowledge about the exercise, its perks, cons and possible results before starting any workout.

Technique for the growth of Strong back muscles

T-Bar Row

The T-bar row is a simple yet really effective exercise. The bent over position helps the core and lower back while the wide grip is affective for the lats. This workout is super easy with the help of T Bar station but if one doesn’t have this facility landmine, bar with a handle also works wonders. Going heavy is not the trick here, because three other exercises with no rest are following up .

Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

Dumbbells are amazing in order to gain weight plus it is a quick exercise because it can be done anywhere, no specific place is required to do this workout. One can also follow up different exercises after this workout.

As soon an individual is done with the first row, one should just grab the dumbbells and start the work.  Using dumbbells allows getting the great range of motion than barbells and this exercise directly affects back muscles that are closer to spine. Maintaining tight core will provide support and protect the lower back. You can rest your upper chest on a bench if a break is required.


Lower body muscles are the ones one cannot neglect during work out. It provides the best foundation for the strong upper and also lower body. It works as a bridge between lower and upper body that not only helps in balance but also in movement and coordination. Almost every exercise includes some workout for lower back muscles.