How to Lose 20 Pounds and Maintain Your Body Weight


Losing weight requires the right planning, execution, and dedication. It means you need to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle. If you are asking yourself how to lose 20 pounds in a few months, the answer is applying a combination of proven methods and being responsible for achieving your weight loss goals. All this helps ensure long-term success.


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Lose Weight Naturally


Be in control of your food environment.

It means you take charge of what foods are available in your household, how much food you eat, and when you eat. Reduce the amount of indulgent foods at home. When dieting, use smaller plates, cups, and bowls. It is because you may not be able to know the exact amount of food you eat when you dig in from large bowls or food containers.


Eat early and more during breakfast to prevent you from feeling hungry for the rest of the day. This technique gives the body plenty of time to burn the calories. Drink lots of water as it can also prevent you from confusing thirst for hunger. Also, fasting can aid in weight loss. You can fast for up to 14 hours by eating an early dinner and not consuming food until the following morning.

Keep yourself motivated.

Aiming for permanent weight loss necessitates healthy food choices and lifestyles. Get enough sleep as lack of it triggers your hunger, causing your body to want more food. If you sleep and rest well, it makes you satisfied and keeps you from wanting to eat.

Also, depriving your body of the sleep it needs can affect your motivation to lose weight. Thus, set goals as to why you want to drop some pounds. So, any time a temptation to indulge on food strikes, you can focus on those goals to keep you motivated.

Moreover, you can use some available tools to monitor your progress. You can keep a journal, use a fitness tracker, and a few other apps on your smart phone. These enable you to keep track of the pounds you lose, how many calories your body burns, and the list of food you eat. If you see the progress or setback you make in black and white, you will have an idea of how to lose 20 pounds and stay motivated.


Avoid emotional eating.

Hunger is not the only reason that people eat food. Sometimes, anxiousness, stress, loneliness, and boredom may cause someone to turn to food. If you want to know how to lose more pounds in a few months, recognize what triggers your emotional eating. If you are low on energy, do other things such as taking a nap, dancing, or walking around the neighborhood. If you are feeling stressed, calm yourself by taking a hot shower or doing meditation or yoga. If the day is boring or lonely, try to go to other places where you can find a company such as a park, mall, or library. Likewise, calling a friend can prevent you from going to the kitchen and opening the refrigerator.

Try to lose one to two pounds of your weight every week, as this helps you lose fat and not muscle and water. With determination and patience, you will lose 20 pounds the right way. Ultimately, the tips above boost the likelihood of losing weight and achieving good health.

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