How Do Sleeping Positions Affect Your Health

To get a good night’s sleep, investing in a good mattress is necessary. However, many people still toss and turn while trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep. As expected, people from all walks of life fall asleep in different sleeping positions. Nonetheless, unknown to many people, the manner in which they end up sleeping greatly affects their health. Below are a few sleeping positions and how it affects your health.


The fetal position is the most prevalent sleeping position in the world favored by 4 out of every 10 people. Fortunately, it also happens to be the best position to sleep in. The fetal position allows your body especially your spine to rest in its natural alignment. The position has proved to aid the brain in the elimination of neurological waste than any other position.

Additionally, pregnant women tend to be less fatigued when they sleep in this position. However, even though it’s beneficial, especially in keeping the liver healthy. Care should be taken to ensure that you do not roll too much as this will constrict air movement to the lungs.


The log sleeping position is when a person sleeps on their side with both their hands on their side, pressed close to their body. Fortunately, just like the fetal position, this is an excellent way to fall asleep. It helps with sleep apnea and overall airflow. As the spine is straight in this position, it is excellent for fixing neck pain and alleviating back

pain. However, to ease the natural pressure that will be directed at your hip area, ensure you place a pillow in between your knees.


At first glance, the freefall sleeping position looks like a cozy way to fall asleep. Unfortunately, this is further from the truth as the spine is in an unnatural alignment, making it a harmful sleeping position. In this sleeping position, a person sleeps with their hands tucked underneath their head or underneath a pillow. As you will be sleeping on your stomach, you are prone to experience back and neck pains. To avoid this, use a soft pillow to deal with any neck pains. If possible, try propping yourself in a way in which you are sleeping when facing the mattress rather than turning at a sharp angle to keep the airway open and avoid the pains altogether.

Sleeping Positions


The soldier sleeping position is more common in infants and older persons and is regarded as a relatively healthy sleeping position. In the soldier’s sleeping position, a person falls asleep looking at the ceiling with both their hands placed at their side. However, as the head will be propped at an upward angle, especially when a pillow is used, this position isn’t comfortable for overweight persons as it can restrict the airway. Additionally, persons with sleep apnea should avoid it as it makes sleep apnea worse. To make the position work for you, choose to place a pillow underneath your knees instead of the neck to place the spine in its natural alignment.


As the name suggests, the starfish sleeping position is one in which a person sleeps spread out with their feet spread out, and arms bent and spread out at their sides. As expected, this is the person you do not want to sleep next to as you will constantly be battling out for space. Fortunately, this position is great in dealing with reflux but likely to make snoring worse. To avoid back pain, prop pillows under your knees as you sleep. Additionally, as the back will be in a straight line, ensure that the mattress firmness is sufficient to avoid back pain.

Sleeping Positions

Yearner position

The yearner sleeping position is one with your arms stretched out, head slightly turned, and your legs slightly bent. As the spine is naturally curved, this is the best sleeping position for back pain. What’s more, it’s great for reducing acid reflux and dealing with heartburn. However, just with other sleeping positions watch out for compression of the liver, lungs, and stomach organs by sleeping on the left side.

Sleeping Positions


As seen above, the manner and position that you sleep in can either greatly improve or negatively affect your health. It might be hard, try to consciously readjust your sleeping position to improve your overall health and wellness. As restless sleep can also be caused by uncomfortable bedding, consider various mattress reviews like the Intex airbed review which allow you to invest in a high-quality mattress for great sleep