How Marketers Earn Millions Of Dollars On People’s Desire To Lose Weight?


With more forms of media being accessible to the general population on a daily basis, people are getting susceptible to false information spread by marketers, advertisements, social media, and many more. Following the majority is one of the most common tendencies of human beings, and marketers use this strategy to generate sales for bogus products.


If you take a closer look at your social media feed or group chats, you’ll notice the presence of many posts that have been forwarded with absolutely no verification by your friends, family, acquaintances, or marketers. The people who read these posts tend to make important decisions based on false pieces of information.

Lose Weight


Marketers use the same strategies to sell fake weight loss products that claim to reduce weight without any form of physical activity. Most of these supplements are not only fake, but they can even harm the user’s health. The marketers make the masses believe that losing weight is as simple as taking a pill, rubbing a cream, or perhaps wearing a special accessory.

We tend to always look for shortcuts to success and health. Hence, this marketing strategy generates millions of dollars in revenue from people who blindly purchase these products in hopes of better health. These dubious products can only reduce your bank balance and none of your actual weight problems.


The best way to avoid this is to learn how to verify fat loss products and doing activities that actually help you to lose weight. In this article, you’ll get to know about the aforementioned things, and keep your body safe from these dubious products.

How to Verify if a Product Is Effective and Safe to Use?

Dishonest marketers will use various catchy terms to attract buyers. You can spot if these claims are false or true by a little bit of fact-checking. First, we will take a look at the most common promises that marketers make to make you buy dubious fat loss products:

●      Weight Loss Without Any Physical Exercise

No product can help you to lose weight without physical activity. Although some products can lead to weight loss by drastically reducing your appetite, and hence causing you to eat less. These products can be dangerous, as these can reduce your hunger so much, that you start missing out on nutrients essential for the wellbeing of your body.

●      Your Diet Doesn’t Matter for Weight Loss

Some marketers may make you believe that you can lose weight by using their product without making any changes to your diet and eating habits. This is not true, as it has been proven that your diet and the extent of your physical activities play an equal part in determining your body mass.

●      You Can Lose Weight Permanently by Using a Certain Product

There is overwhelming evidence on the fact that no product can lead to permanent weight loss. Many companies will promise that their products can lead to instant weight loss, and prevent any weight gain in the future.


The truth, however, is that you need to focus on weight management rather than just weight loss. The only way to stop recurring weight gain is switching to healthy habits and sticking to them.

●       Instant Weight Loss Is Possible Using These Products

No supplement can lead to instant weight loss. The working of “instant” weight loss pills is dependent upon starvation diets, rapid metabolism, blocking nutrient absorption, etc. Rapid weight loss has been proven to be connected to life-threatening diseases. Even if a certain supplement pill could help you to get rid of weight rapidly, it will never be good for your overall health.

●      The Product Works for Every Body Type

Marketers advertise their products to be compatible with everyone to generate more sales and revenue. In reality, different bodies have different internal chemistries, and this can affect how a certain supplement or drug interacts with it. Apart from internal factors, there are also external factors to consider, such as different habits, level of determination to lose weight, genetic factors, and more.

●      The product is marketed as a “Supplement”

Marketers often label weight loss products as “supplements” and not “Drugs”. The reason for this is the fact that FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other similar organizations in other countries don’t require the product to be medically proven to sell them if they are labeled as supplements. Try to avoid products like these, and opt for medically proven drugs that can help.

Things You Can Do That Actually Affect Weight Loss

Now that you have a good idea of how to distinguish between effective and dubious products, you should be aware that taking any supplement or drug on its own will never provide your desired results. Take a look at some of the lifestyle changes you can make to have a positive impact on your body weight, and overall health.

  • Get Tested – The first thing you should do is take an at-home DNA test, these tests can help you find how your body could be “wired” to store fat. You can find solutions of this problem for your consideration on this site. Using this valuable information you will be able to modify your weight-loss strategies to work with your body.
  • Physical Activity – When trying to lose weight, physical activity is essential to get successful results. You need to move your body on a regular basis, with a total of at least a few hours each week.
  • Changing Eating Habits – There are no quick fixes available in the form of pills or devices to lose weight. The second most important thing to effectively lose weight is to watch out for your diet and eating habits. Making changes to your overall nutrient intake can drastically affect how fast and efficiently you lose weight.
  • Avoid Sugar and Carbs – Junk foods and some pre-packaged foods can have trans fats or unhealthy cholesterols that lead to weight gain, and many other negative effects on the body.
  • Seek Advice from Medical Professionals – Instead of trusting random companies, you should seek medical advice from professionals in case you’re confused about how to proceed with weight loss schemes. They can give you personalized advice and diet plans according to your unique needs.


Marketers not only disappoint customers attracted to their false weight loss products but can also harm their bodies with harmful hidden ingredients not disclosed on the product label. The dubious advertisements and spread of false information through various media platforms have earned these marketers millions of dollars on people’s desire to lose weight. The only way to avoid this problem is to raise awareness on activities that are scientifically proven to lose weight, and avoid over-promising supplements and drugs.

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