How to Increase Body Temperature to Fake Fever?


Ever pondered the idea of snuggling in bed on a gloomy day, dodging the classroom or office politics and just binge-watching your favorite show? If that fleeting thought ever became a tempting scheme, the idea of “faking a fever” might have crossed your mind.


How to Increase Body Temperature to Fake Fever?

How to Increase Body Temperature to Fake Fever


But here’s a lighthearted, semi-instructional guide on the topic with a strong dose of “seriously, don’t!”

Why The Dramatics?

  • Kids are seeking a surprise vacation from the monotony of school.
  • Adults fancy a “sick leave” to escape the spreadsheets and meetings.
  • I just need some me-time without judgment.
  • But remember, faking an illness isn’t quite a walk in the park, and chances are, Mom’s intuitive powers will see right through you.

All the (Fake) Signs of a Fever:

  • Coughing and sneezing like a defective sprinkler system.
  • Claiming a suspiciously high body temperature.
  • Channeling your inner faucet with a runny nose.
  • The sagging energy of a sloth in slow motion.

Let’s dive into the cheeky world of fever-faking tactics:

  1. The Garlic Gambit

Garlic isn’t just for chasing off vampires. Stuffing some under your armpits might convince your thermometer you’re hot stuff (literally).

Tips: Use sparingly! Otherwise, you’ll smell like an Italian kitchen. You might end up with a pungent armpit situation. Proceed with caution!

  1. Onions: Not Just Tears

Tuck some sliced onions under your arms. You might cry from the smell, but hey, that’s just another symptom, right?

Tips: Hide evidence of your onion antics. Otherwise, someone’s making omelets for breakfast. Drink warm water to ensure your “fever” isn’t just skin deep.

  1. Thermometer Trickery

Rub that thermometer against a cloth. The friction will get things hot, but no promises of fooling the parental units.

Tips: Act fast! The illusion of high temps disappears quicker than cake at a birthday party.

  1. Hot Water Hype

Dip the thermometer in hot water, but avoid turning it into a boiling cauldron.


Tips: Just a quick dip, lest you report a temperature suitable for roasting.

  1. Blanket Burrito

Roll up in blankets. The result? Sweaty, overheated, and possibly looking sick.

Tips: Avoid suffocation. Breathing > faking sickness.

  1. Emulate an Eruption

Faking a throw-up? It’s as unpleasant as it sounds.

Tips: Do this at your very own risk. 


The Art of Playing Sick: But Seriously, Don’t Do It! Take 2 ????

Everyone, at some point, craves a lazy day cocooned in blankets with no responsibilities looming over their heads. When the desire becomes too strong, the mischievous idea of “faking a fever” might just creep in. But hey, while we’re at it, let’s take a humorously deep dive into this age-old ruse – with a generous sprinkle of ‘just kidding’.

Why Go to Such Lengths?

  • Kiddos trying to dodge that math test they forgot to study for.
  • Grown-ups just yearning to skip that never-ending Monday meeting.
  • Simply craving an uninterrupted day with Netflix, without the world’s judgment.
  • But beware! Faking a fever might seem like fun until someone books you a doctor’s appointment!

Flaunting Your (Fake) Fever Flair:

  • Crafting a symphony of sneezes and coughs.
  • Boasting of a balmy body temperature.
  • Oozing all the charm of a leaky faucet with that nose.
  • Channeling the vibe of a battery running on 1%.

Check Strategies to Fake a Fever:

  1. Garlic: Nature’s Underarm Deodorant?

Who knew garlic could raise more than just eyebrows? Slide them under your armpits, and you might get more than just an odor.


  • Balance is key! You’re going for “feverish,” not “garlic bread.”
  • Do a sniff test. If vampires are running for the hills, you’ve overdone it.
  1. Onions: Cry Me a (Feverish) River

Stash some onions under your arms, and it might get warm. As a bonus, you have a ready excuse for those teary eyes.


  • Dispose of the evidence or risk being recruited for dinner prep.
  • Keep some mints handy. The aftereffects might get… aromatic.
  1. The Old Thermometer Tango

Quickly rub that thermometer against the cloth. Will it fool everyone? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s worth a shot.


  • Strike while the iron (or thermometer) is hot.
  • Remember, there’s a fine line between “sickly” and “mercury malfunction.”
  1. Dive into the Hot Tub (Sort of)

A brief thermometer dip in hot water might give you that sizzling temperature.


  • It’s a dip, not a marathon swim. Keep it snappy!
  • Aim for a realistic temperature, not “just came out of the oven.”
  1. Embrace Your Inner Burrito

A multitude of blankets could make you a sweaty, red-faced masterpiece of deception.



  • Rotate to avoid becoming a toasted tortilla.
  • Hydration is key! All that “feverish” sweating can be thirsty work.
  1. Pretend Puke Production

Attempting a faux hurl? Proceed with caution, or you might just turn the act into a reality.


  • A glass of water and some gag reflex theatrics can do the trick.
  • But really, if it gets to this point, maybe you deserve a day off!

It’s all fun and games until someone hands you bitter medicine or worse, gets genuinely worried. While these antics might provide a good chuckle, it’s always better to be genuine about needing some downtime. After all, honesty is easier than the grand performance of feigned malaise.

DISCLAIMER: Remember, this cheeky guide is just for laughs. No onions were harmed, and no thermometers were tampered with in real-life scenarios. A simple “I need a break” works wonders! ????


FAQs: Turning Up the Heat Without Actually Falling Ill (Or How to Fake a Fever) ????️

Alright, drama kings and queens, ever thought about taking a short break but didn’t have a ‘valid’ reason? Here’s a handy FAQ on boosting that body temp to show a fever, even if the only thing you’re suffering from is a severe case of the ‘I-can’t-even’s.

But remember, use this knowledge responsibly – no one likes a thermometer trickster!

  • Q1: Why would someone want to fake a fever?

A: It’s not always about evading that Math test or dodging the dreaded Monday morning meeting. Sometimes, you just want to binge-watch your favorite series in peace! But, seriously folks, honesty is the best policy.

  • Q2: I heard garlic can raise your temperature. True or just a vampire myth?

A: While it’s great for spaghetti and deterring vampires, placing garlic under your armpits can indeed raise your body temperature. But be warned: it also turns you into a walking Italian restaurant. Delizioso!

  • Q3: Onions? Is that a thing?

A: Oddly, yes! Onions aren’t just for making you cry or seasoning your burger. Sliced and placed under the armpits, they can mimic fever symptoms. Side note: You might repel more than just doctors.

  • Q4: Heard rubbing a thermometer increases its temperature. Is that science or just fiction?

A: Here’s some friction fiction for you: rubbing a thermometer does generate heat due to, well, friction. However, if you’re caught in the act, it might be hard to ‘rub’ the suspicion away. Wink.

  • Q5: Blankets: Just for cold nights or the ultimate fever fakers?

A: Bundling up in blankets will indeed make you sweat and feel warmer. Perfect for those “I’m too sick” theatrics! Note to self: Ideal for chilly nights and Oscar-worthy performances.

  • Q6: Hot water on the thermometer: Effective or just hot air?

A: Well, it’ll certainly give you a hot reading! But be warned, if the mercury shoots up too high, you might find yourself being whisked away to the ER. Imagine explaining that to the doctor.

  • Q7: How to act the part once I’ve got the ‘temperature’?

A: Ah, the pièce de résistance! Put on your best languid expression, cough occasionally, and for extra points, throw in a weak “I think I need rest.” But remember, overacting could lead to a Razzie instead of an Oscar.

  • Q8: Any side effects to these temperature tricks?

A: Apart from guilty pangs and the risk of being caught? Prolonged exposure to things like garlic and onions could cause skin irritation. And the stench, of course. You’ve been warned.


While these tricks are all in good fun, remember that nothing beats authenticity. If you genuinely need a day off, it might be worth practicing the age-old art of ‘having a genuine conversation’ with the concerned parties. And as always, health first! If you’re feeling under the weather, see a doctor instead of faking it till you make it.

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While it might seem fun to craft a cunning ruse, it’s a whole lot easier (and kinder) to just tell folks you need a breather. Faking a fever risks getting caught not only red-handed but also unnecessarily worries loved ones. So, how about just asking for a day off instead? ????

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