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Ads | Pay Medical Bills OnlineConvenient, transparent, and secure. These are just a few words that define what Patients want when paying medical bills. With deductibles having more than tripled in the last decade, Patients have become gradually active in their method of healthcare consumerism.


One in three Americans believes providers can do more to advance the patient billing and payment procedure to relieve their frustrations. Patients want out-of-pocket cost estimates, leading to elastic payment options and greater bill clarity.

By enabling patients to log into online portals and pay bills at their suitability, providers empower persons to take accountability for their healthcare costs.

Patients want to be self-assured about their healthcare financial experience but understanding and knowing how you can pay medical bills can feel confusing. Zotec’s MyDocBill online portal permits Patients to effortlessly navigate this process. Now, by taking an omnichannel approach, we benefit Patients by answering any queries they might have through voice, chat, or email.

MyDocBill puts Patients in the driver’s seat of their own healthcare financial experience. In a matter of minutes, Patients can simply edit their profiles, update insurance information, view their account history, and pay their bills all from their mobile devices. MyDocBill’s personalization eases the stress of Patients, as they take care of all their billing needs from the ease of their choice – anywhere, anytime, and anyhow.

Ads – Pay Medical Bills Online


How does it work? Once a Patient’s claim has been processed, their bill will be sent to them either by text or email. Next, Patients will click on the safe link and go straight to their MyDocBill page exactly to their provider.

Lastly, Patients will firmly log in using their birth date. Gone are the days of remembering difficult usernames and passwords that are very seldom used.  MyDocBill uses best-practice encryption standards, so Patients know their personal health info is safe and secure.

Patients have been raving about how simple the MyDocBill application is to use and one Patient recently said, “This system is so much more suitable and easier than any other bill payment I have used before.

The text permitted me to get right to paying instantly without a bunch of login steps or other information. It makes it so fast and simple, and I hope more services use this service!”


MyDocBill gives the ultimate Patient experience by being easy, quick, and convenient. Contact us at for more info on MyDocBill or simply visit to find the RCM and Patient experience solution that’s correct for your unique healthcare practice.

Quest Diagnostic patients observing to pay their bills online can visit the MyDocBill Quest Diagnostics website. This is a new pay portal for patients to pay their bills as the earlier Quest Diagnostics website is swapping over to the MyDocBill Quest site.  You should see a notice on the old site.

How can you Pay Your MyDocBill Quest Bill?

Now, to simply help visitors pay their Quest Diagnostics bill they can follow this brief guide to assist you with the transition to the new site.  MyDocBill is a new online service provided by Quest Diagnostics permitting customers to pay their bills online.

Now, to get started you will need to have the guarantor’s account number and date of birth:

Enter the following info:

  • Account number
  • Patient’s date of birth
  • Click the gray Sign In button

Now, to check to see your itemized bill after logging in you can just click the down arrow next to History to enter the date range of services you want an itemized bill for.  Your results will be displayed via a PDF.

If you need Help Logging In

If you need support logging in to the website you can click the Need Help Logging In link You simply need to enter your email address and date of birth and simply click the gray Continue button

How can you make a MyDocBill Payment Online?

There are some ways to pay your Quest Diagnostics bill which are online, by phone, or by mail.  

Pay Online

You simply have to visit and just complete the online information

Now, after you have signed in you will have the option to make an online payment by entering your credit card info – the site accepts:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Visa 
  • Electronic debit

Pay By Phone

You simply have to call Customer Service at 1-866-254-3859

Pay By Mail

On your billing statement, there should be a mailing address for checks or money orders.  The invoice on your bill needs to accompany your payment.

Who is MyDocBill For?

Any patient or supporter that received a MyDocbill Quest bill in the mail might be eligible to use MyDocBill using the guarantor account number and guarantor’s date of birth.

A guarantor is an individual who covers the cost of a patient’s clinical services. In maximum cases, the guarantor is the patient if that patient is over 18 years old. Typically, the parent of a patient under 18 years of age is the guarantor, as he or she grants the child to the doctor at the visit.

Contact Customer Service

  • Call 1-866-254-3859
  • Monday – Thursday 8:30am to 5pm
  • Friday 9am to 4pm
  • Automated attendant is available 24/7

What is MyDocBill?

There might be some people that ask the query “is MyDocBill legit” and the answer to the question is MyDocBill is an online service provided by Zotec Partners, the billing service provider for Quest Diagnostics, that offers guarantors secure access to pay their bill, update insurance, edit their profile, and simply view their account history.


Here are MyDocBill Account Features:

  • Access your account
  • Pay your medical bills
  • Update insurance
  • Recall billing history

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