What Really Happens to Your Hair After Pregnancy


Pregnancy is like a dream for most women. Having a child is a blessing. So, most of the women become excited when they became pregnant for the first time. But pregnancy also brings some physical problems. Though the problems are minor, those are enough to make you tensed.


Postpartum hair loss is one of those problems. A lot of new mothers have posted on social media that they have faced a tremendous hair loss after giving birth to a child. Some of them thought that they are going to be bald because they have lost hair a huge number of hairs so quickly.

This is a common problem in the case of new mothers. Normally, postpartum hair fall starts from the 2nd month of giving birth to a child. It may continue to the 6th or 7th month. The interesting fact is all the mothers don’t face this problem. Besides, some may face this problem only one time where others may face postpartum hair fall every time they take a baby.

Now, you may ask what really happens to your hair after pregnancy which causes this much hair fall. Postpartum hair fall has a specific reason. Now I’m going to tell you about it.

Reasons behind Postpartum Hair Fall

You don’t need to be tensed hearing that everyone doesn’t face postpartum hair fall. Though it doesn’t happen to everyone, it is a normal problem and common to most mothers. The reason behind the problem is your hormones.


During pregnancy, your body contains more estrogen than normal times. Besides other natural tasks, this estrogen works for prolonging the growth phase of your hair. As a result, your hair becomes fuller and looks shiny when you are pregnant.

After giving birth to the child, the estrogen level becomes reduced and come to the normal level. As a result, the prolonged growth phase of your hair becomes finished, and your hair enters into the natural pattern of growth again.

As the growth stage was prolonged before, less hair fall happened. After entering into the normal pattern of growth, the hairs, which haven’t fall before though those were supposed to, start falling out. As a result, you face a tremendous hair fall which is not usual for you.

So, now you know what actually happens to your hair after giving birth to a child. This is a fully normal and natural process. So, don’t worry about this. After a few months of starting, this problem automatically leaves you as your hair completes a full cycle of growth.

This is the main reason behind postpartum hair fall. There are some other reasons. Those are very small, but influences postpartum hair fall somehow. After-pregnancy stress is one of those reasons.


Another reason is taking care of the baby. A newborn baby is very sensitive. As a result, you need to be always tensed about taking care of the baby. This hampers your diet. Your body doesn’t get enough nutrients. So, your hair may not get enough nutrients to grow properly.

What to Do for Reducing Postpartum Hair Fall

As postpartum hair fall is a natural problem, it’ll leave you after a few months. But if you want to reduce the hair fall quickly, you may take some steps. Those won’t stop the hair fall quickly but help to reduce the problem in some cases. Let’s see what you can do to reduce postpartum hair fall-

  1. Eat properly: Eating properly can be a good step to get rid of postpartum hair fall. As you’ll eat a properly balanced diet, your hair and scalp will get enough nutrients. As a result, your hair growth will be quicker. Quick growth will allow your hair to complete the full pattern of growth quickly.

After a growth circle, you’ll get your old hair back. So, for reducing the effect of postpartum hair fall, you can start taking a balanced diet with the priority of protein and vitamins.

  1. Take prenatal vitamins: Prenatal vitamins are great for taking care of you and your baby. Those improve health conditions a lot. Besides, prenatal vitamins can also be used for promoting hair growth. So, you can focus on including some prenatal vitamins in your diet if you want to get rid of postpartum hair fall.

Nowadays, you’ll find some prenatal vitamin capsules that will ensure good benefits besides improving your hair conditions. You can use these products for hair growth with proper care.

These measures will aid to reduce the hair fall and get rid of postpartum hair fall.


Final Verdict

Postpartum hair fall is not a huge problem that you need to be tensed. With proper measures, you can get rid of this easily. Even if you don’t take proper steps, just live your normal life, the problem will leave you after a few days. So, don’t worry more about it, focus on taking care of the health of you and your child.

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