How To Get Pregnant With Twins?


How to get pregnant with twins is what many of them would-be mothers are dreaming of. Therefore, we have attempted to list out a few tricks that would help you get pregnant with twins. However, it would be interesting to note that these tips may or may not work. Even then, we see no harm in trying out these tips on how to get pregnant fast with twins.


How to get Pregnant with twins faster – A few Tips

Want to improve your chances of having twins? In fact, there are a lot of natural ways you can employ to get pregnant with twins.

how to get pregnant with twins


Let us go through them in the following paragraphs and try the tips on how to get pregnant with twins.

Intake of Folic Acid

Consuming folic acid is said to have a great effect on having twins. So, improve your intake of folic acid to get pregnant with twins. Experts advise you to take folic acid right after you begin to try for conception.


Instead of using artificial folic acid, it would be better to opt for natural folic acid supplements. Please note that we may not be able to guarantee the conception of twins with this method, yet we do feel that there is no harm in attempting it as the folic acid supplements would be helpful in improving the chances of conceiving twins, and even if not, they help you develop healthy babies.


Studies have indicated that being an older aged expecting mother increases fertility for twins, If your age is more than 35 years, you would tend to produce FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone. As we stated before, folic acid intake is one of the natural ways to conceive twins. FSH increases the chances of releasing multiple eggs and thus you can possibly hope to conceive with twins.

Check out what your partner eats

Yes, what your partner eats bears enough effect on whether you get pregnant with twins. In fact, here are a few foods to eat to get pregnant with twins.

Get your partner to eat foods rich in zinc. This will help you increase the sperm count. Some examples of zinc-rich food can be green leafy vegetables, oysters, bread, and seeds. That way you can be sure of him being able to fertilize more than one of your eggs.

Twin Effect

When you come out of the birth control, your body takes a little time to come back to the proper rhythm. Conceiving at this time will go a long way in getting pregnant with twins. The chances are slim, but still, you can give it a try. The effects of conceiving twins would be more when you get pregnant within the first six months of leaving birth control options.


Sex Positions that help you get pregnant with twins

Is there any best position to get pregnant with twins? Well, there are a few positions that act as ways to conceive twins. Some of the tips on how to do sex to get pregnant with twins can be listed out as

  • Side By Side or Spooning as it is generally called – Woman sleeps on her side and the partner enters from behind. This ensures better penetration and enhances the chances of improving sperms to reach the cervix.
  • Standing Up – Yet another style of the doggy position that helps you get better and deeper penetration.
  • Missionary Position – A man on top position can be helpful in getting access to an egg easily. It can be the best position for having twins.

These positions should help you conceive twins with ease. Please note that the positions should be used along with other tricks to get pregnant with twins.


If twins run in your family, you are likely to get pregnant with twins. If you yourself are twins or your family history boasts of twins, you are likely to continue the tradition.

Please note that your partner’s hereditary history of having twins may not have any impact on your having twins. How to get pregnant with twins is dependent upon your tendency of producing eggs. if your mother has had twins, the hereditary effect will continue to affect you and thus improve the chances of your getting pregnant with twins. Hyperovulation is one of the body conditions that enhances the chances of getting pregnant with twins.

Best food to take to improve the chances of twins

The type of food you take improves your chances of getting pregnant with twins. If you are trying to conceive twins, look out for the foods to help get pregnant with twins.


Dairy products are known to have a great effect on improving your odds of having twins. Dairy foods have been known to have five times better chances of conceiving twins. Experts claim that the hormones present in the milk and milk products are known to have an improved effect on the possibility of having twins.

Time your pregnancies

Having a good deal of gap between two of your pregnancies will help you with an improved chance of getting pregnant with twins. Quicker conception may have a negative impact on your chances of having twins. Though it may not hold good in reality for the most part of the possibility, even then what harm does it have on your plans of enhancing your family?

The Concluding Thoughts

All these tips we have indicated in the above paragraphs would be a few mere attempts at getting pregnant with twins. We would not guarantee any success in the possibility of getting pregnant with twins. You can try one or more tricks included here above. A good combination of all the above methods should help you achieve your goal of how to have twins naturally.

We hope the tips indicated in this article would help you by letting you know how to get pregnant with twins.

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