Famous IVF Centres in India


Gone are the days when fertility issues in women were not resolved. Until some time back, IVF appeared to be a mystifying process, and the only thing that the majority of people were aware of that it can treat infertility and thus help in producing ‘test-tube babies’. Of late several IVF clinics in Gurgaon have come up and offered motherhood to women all across the world at cost-effective rates.


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The Majority of the people were not conscious as to what was the exact procedure of IVF (in vitro fertilization) till they visited IVF Centers in Mumbai. Numerous questions haunted them like-

  • Best IVF Center
  • The expenditure involved in IVF
  • Natural IVF Treatments

The people were not very sure of the entire process and pondered as to how much the whole thing would cost. The more the problem of infertility became common, the more people started learning about IVF treatments. If you are really looking for an IVF treatment there are a few things you should bear in mind.

The Cost of IVF in India

IVF expenditure in India is normally around 50,000 – 70,000 rupees, which includes all drugs and the approved medications. On the other hand, several couples are spending approximately 2-5 lakhs when they are getting their IVF treatments done. It is because you may require more than a few other treatments according to their medical history and the levels of your fertility. The cost of IVF treatment can greatly differ owing to the location you choose. IVF treatment cost in Chennai would be much lesser than IVF Centers in Mumbai. As the differences are vast in different cities, couples prefer to travel to smaller cities for affordable IVF treatments.

Factors That control IVF expenditures in India
  1. The Age of a woman and how many treatments required- The age of a woman has a pivotal role to play in deciding the success of IVF treatment. If the women are under the age of 35 there are 33% chances of her getting pregnant in her initial IVF treatment. Whereas women above the age of 40 may require a minimum of 5 or more IVF treatments to get pregnant.
  2. Price Of Donor Sperm For IVF Treatments-Women with low fertility will need either sperm or eggs and at times both. The price of the donor sperm may range from 9,000 to 11,000 INR.

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