7 Beauty Treatments That Are Trending In 2021


Everything around us is changing rapidly. With these changes, our needs are also evolving. Let’s take the beauty industry, for example. Processed food, the polluted environment, and our overall lifestyle impact our health and skin. Acne is a common skin problem that is associated with poor diet, stress, or pollution. With a rapid increase in these problems, skincare has become common among the masses. Moreover, the beauty standards set by social media influencers promote skin treatments like botox, fillers, etc. The supply of beauty treatments is increasing to meet their rising demand.



Technology has made everything accessible, including skincare and beauty treatments. People from all walks of life, genders, and age groups are now consumers of the beauty industry. It is mainly because of inclusion that has become a goal for every individual. People with diverse skin colors, types, and needs are now spending more on skincare. The reports from Statista claim that the global skincare market was worth 134.5 billion in the year 2018. It also predicts growth to 180 billion by the year 2024. As for 2021, these 7 beauty treatments are the top trends to look out for:

1. Lip Fillers

Fillers are an old trend that is still going strong, even in 2021. Lip fillers have specifically been very popular among people. As a result, a lot of clinics are now providing injectable lip fillers.It is also fairly easy to find a place that provides these treatments. With a wide range of salons and clinics providing the service, you can easily compare prices and quality. For instance, if you live in Melbourne, all you have to do is look up lip fillers melbourne, and you will have a list of top salons and derma-clinics that can help you out. These skin clinics provide counseling as well to help you make an informed decision.

2. Derma Planning

It is a cleansing procedure that uses a derma blade. The blade cleanses the skin surface and removes the dead skin as well as the peach fuzz. It is a gentle and invasive procedure that requires no healing time. The skin type does not matter for this procedure, as it is suitable for any skin type. However, in the case of acne, zits, scars, or other facial injuries, derma planning can cause inflammation and adverse effects.


3. Micro-needling

Even though micro-needling sounds a little scary, it is immensely effective. It punctures the skin on a micro-level such as the skin tissues. By doing so, the skin produces more collagen, which helps it in becoming cleaner. It gets rid of acne scars and repairs the skin on a micro-level. The mechanism involves a derma-pen which consists of numerous tiny needles. It is a complex procedure that should only be performed by a professional and after a recommendation from your dermatologist.

4. Body Contour

After the immense success of face contouring, it is not surprising to see body contour in this list. Celebs, influencers, and even athletes are using body contour to enhance their physique. It is all over social media, including Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Emsculpt is the device that tones abs without the need for any exercise. It has become one of the top tools in body contouring and contracts the muscles in the targeted areas.

5. Microblading

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that has garnered a lot of popularity in recent years. It includes filling eyebrows through cosmetic tattooing. It makes thin eyebrows look fuller. However, it is not permanent and may only last for up to 3 years. It is because micro blading does not use the same tools as those in the traditional tattooing process.

Additionally, it also uses a reduced amount of pigments. You must pick a professional clinic for the process. Microblading can result in infections and injuries if the person performing the procedure is untrained. The success will solely depend on the skill set of the person performing it.

6. LED Light Mask

Face masks never go out of style. Masks are an invasive skincare treatment that makes them safe to use for everyone. The newest addition to this famous category is – the LED light masks. These are ideal for fighting off acne, accelerating healing, and reducing scars. To make it more effective, professionals usually pair it with derma-rolling or microdermabrasion.


7. Dermarolling

Dermarolling is a technique similar to micro-needling. However, it is far less aggressive on the skin as compared to a derma-pen. It is for this reason that a derma-roller can even be used at home without any supervision. Dermaroller does not penetrate the skin tissues. Yet, it does make your serums more effective. Nevertheless, like with any skincare treatment, it is advised to get a dermatologist’s approval and discuss before the application.


The everchanging needs of humans have changed the beauty industry. People are now able to control their appearance in ways that were not possible before. Whether it is plumping one’s lips or cosmetic tattooing one’s eyebrows, everything is possible these days. It is all due to innovations in the beauty world. After investing in your beauty needs and goals, you will feel confident and happy. And, it will naturally have a positive impact on your physical as well as mental wellbeing. Investing in yourself is always a decent idea; therefore, never hesitate to do it.

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