5 Kinds of Treatment You Can Get From a Laser Skin Clinic

Enhancing aesthetic beauty has become a norm for both men and women in the past few decades. Scores of clinics have sprung left and right, with most of them offering hair waxing and eyebrow threading, among other services. So when you think about a laser skin clinic, sometimes, you automatically assume that all of their treatments are related to hair-removal. While that is true, what one should take note of is the fact that the clinic also offers other packages.

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Laser Skin Clinic

Acne reduction and scar removal

Is there anyone blessed with perfect skin since birth? Probably no one. Teenagers may have had their first taste of acne, but that does not mean adults are not prone to it too. Inflamed sebaceous glands are often painful, red, and, if not appropriately treated, cause scarring. Fortunately, laser treatments target these over-active oil glands. It eventually improves skin texture with fewer acne breakouts in the future.

Skin firming and tightening

Age is inevitable. Skin thins out, sags, and its elasticity is forever lost. Aging ensures that fat and collagen come in short supply. Fortunately, skin clinics have found a way to help tighten skin, restore skin plumpness, and reduce wrinkles. There are firming and toning treatments to help stimulate collagen production for the improvement of facial features. They also offer anti-wrinkle treatment, and they tighten skin via skin regeneration.

Stretch mark treatment

As mentioned previously, collagen is an essential aspect of having healthy and good-looking skin. Stretch marks are no exception. These unsightly lines are related to pregnancy and weight changes. Light stretch marks can fade away. Dark-coloured stretch marks are already scars, and a decade ago, it was permanent and irreversible. But new laser technology can now restructure stretchmark-related scar tissue. The patient needs proper consultation before a time-frame for treatment can be established.

Vein reduction and removal

Visible veins do not invite any health problems, but these are unattractive to behold. It could be more evident in a person due to his skin complexion and thinning weight. Fat deposits dissolve as you age, so you ultimately see the veins that are close to you’re the epidermis. Spider, vascular lesions, and varicose veins or capillaries are some of the vein problems that can show up on legs, arms, and even the face. Laser therapy reduces and eventually removes these vascular problems.

Tattoo removal

From the moment a needle for tattooing sinks deep into one’s skin, you really should not have it removed. But in case you do, erasing a tattoo is never easy. It’s more painful than getting inked in the first place. The treatment is done via laser since the pigment used is chock-full of heavy metals like lead and copper. The dyes used will be broken into minuscule pieces. The white blood cells take those to the liver where it is disposed of properly. The removal should last for around six to ten treatments, depending on the recommendation of the aesthetician.

There are several factors to consider should you decide to get treatments at a laser skin clinic. It would be best if you made sure that professional dermatologists and aestheticians do all consultations and procedures. The clinic itself should be clean and safe, with FDA-approved laser equipment. Lastly, do your research. Find a reputable clinic so you can come out safe and sound.