How to Incorporate the Wheel of Wellness into Your Routine


Life can sometimes feel out of control. When one thing feels out of place, it can feel like other things in life start to spiral too. This feeling is normal because everything in your life has an affect on the other areas of life. The wheel of wellness shows this best. This circular model highlights seven key areas in your life that are all in some way connected. When one area feels like it’s lacking, it also impacts another area and may cause it to lack too. And that area can cause another area to feel out of sync. And the list goes on. That’s why it is important to incorporate the wheel of wellness in your routine. This way, you can consistently check on these seven areas of your life in order to keep a positive life balance. By making the wheel of wellness a part of your routine, you are able to identify the areas that need attention, and prioritize the changes that may need to happen.


Wheel of Wellness


Apply the Wheel of Wellness to Your Life

The first thing that is necessary for incorporating the wheel of wellness into your life is to sit down and apply it to your life. It’s best to study each section of the wheel of wellness and think about your personal life. When you think about emotional wellness, are you feeling stressed and anxious the majority of your days? Do you understand why you feel the way you do? Now think about your social wellness. Are you connecting with your friends and family? Are you reaching out to your support system regularly? By asking yourself these questions, you are able to apply the wheel of wellness to your personal life. For the other areas ask yourself:
● Am I connecting spiritually how I desire to?
● Am I engaging in my usual mediation, yoga, or prayer?
● Am I staying hydrated?
● Am I getting enough sleep?
● Is my mind stimulated with exciting and challenging activities?
● Am I using my gifts and talents?
● Is my work area unorganized and full of clutter?
● Is the state of my household at the level of cleanliness and design I desire?
● Am I sticking to my budget?
● Am I meeting my financial goals?

Time For a Change

Once you go through each of the seven areas and apply them to your personal life, you will start to see where you might need to make changes. These changes will contribute to where you desire to see yourself in your life at your best. There might be a few areas that stand out right away. You might also desire to see change in all the areas of the wheel of wellness. It’s best to start with two or three places where you can make immediate changes that can impact your overall wellness in a positive way. These might include, limiting your alcohol consumption, doing your laundry, or reaching out to your support system. By finding ways to improve areas in your wheel of wellness, you can positively impact your overall well being. You also might discover that you need to make a change to an area that isn’t so immediate. Your job may not bring you much fulfillment, or you may decide to seek counseling for your mental and emotional health. Some changes take more time than others but are still possible by setting goals, having accountability, and making a schedule.

Make it Continuous

Now that you have applied it to your personal life and identified some areas that need change, you can now continuously assess the wheel of wellness in your life. As your life changes, your overall wellness will too. By incorporating the wheel of wellness into your routine, you can consistently keep your life balanced and address the areas that begin to lack less than desired. Depending on your needs, you can address your wellness wheel, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. If you are in the middle of making changes in one or a few of the areas of your wheel of wellness, then referring to it daily is a great way to stay on track and hold yourself accountable. If you are working on changes that happen over time, then referring to your wheel of wellness weekly or even monthly may be more helpful in order to stay on track. By making it a habit to refer to your wellness wheel at least yearly, it can help you set new goals for the year and continuously grow into who you want to be.


Your Wheel of Wellness Routine

Incorporating the wheel of wellness into your routine can help you assess the areas of life that may need some attention. By applying it to your personal life and discovering what change you may need to make, you can improve your overall well being. Continuously referring to your wheel of wellness daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly will encourage you to continuously grow and reach new goals for your life and overall wellness.

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