Types of Steroid Injections for Joint Pain


Joint pains can greatly affect an individual’s daily life. They can also be a nightmare to someone. The joint can feel sore, stiff, or achy. Some people complain of a throbbing or burning sensation in the joints.


Joint pains often happen in the morning but ease and feel better with activity and movement. This pain may affect your ability to carry out basic tasks. Severe pains may affect someone’s quality of life.

The people affected by joint pains are overweight, poor health, people with arthritis or chronic conditions, and people who suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress. However, the advance in medicine led to the introduction of steroid injects used to treat joint pains.

These injections have been known to be very effective. The use of cortisone shots in London has become common over time. Check out some of the type of steroid injections commonly used to treat joint pains.

Types of Steroid Injections for Joint Pain



Corticosteroid injections

Cortisone injects very effectively and is commonly used to treat arthritis in its late stage. There are three classifications of the cortisone injection. The first type is administered directly into the affected joint. This is referred to as articular injection.

First, withdrawing or aspiration of joint fluid or blood is done. The joints normally injected are the knee, shoulders, small joints of hands, the ankle, and small joints on foot. Booster shots follow these injections after two to four weeks.

The trigger point injection is another classification of cortisone injections. These injections are administered to a tendon or bursa surrounding the shoulders, hips, or knees. Lastly, an epidural injection is another classification. It is usually an injection into the bony column of the spine that surrounds the dura. This involves lumbar and cervical epidurals.

The effects of corticosteroid shots last for long, from weeks to even months. Always consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before getting the shots. In case you suffer from conditions such as diabetes. It is also advisable to exercise the affected joint after a cortisone shot through the guidance of your healthcare provider.

Also, the current government guidelines state that corticosteroid shots are very safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They also do not affect or cause infertility. Always consult with your doctor first. In addition, after getting the shots, always take off the injection area by avoiding strenuous activities.


Always watch out for any signs of infections such as redness and increasing pain that lasts more than forty-eight hours. Read more here https://patient.info/treatment-medication/steroids/steroid-injections

Platelet-rich plasma injections

The advance in technology has led to new methods of treating joint pains. One of them is the use of platelet-rich plasma injections. These injections are a form of steroid. They are used due to the very potent anti-inflammatory properties that they possess.

Platelet-rich plasma is highly recommended for people with severe joint pain. Their effects do not wear with time and may last three to six months. Plasma rich in platelet injections involves using cells from an individual’s blood.

The blood is usually processed in a centrifuge. This results in removing red blood cells and white blood cells, leaving a higher than normal concentration of platelets. The healthcare provider then injects the high concentrated platelets into the painful joint. Platelets are known to contain natural healing chemicals.

Research has shown that PRP is very effective, especially in treating the early stages of arthritis. This type of steroid injection is used commonly in tendons that are torn, injuries of the muscle, joint injuries and pain related to arthritis. Click here for more insights.



Steroid injections are beneficial in decreasing joint pains and increasing the functions of the affected joint. They reduce inflammation and help preserve the structure of the joints. Also, the joint function is maintained. The types mentioned earlier of steroids have effectively been used to treat joint pain issues. Always consult with your doctor or health care provider before the procedure. Knowledge is power. Ensure you acquire all the necessary information concerning steroid shots for joint pain issues. Additionally, be ready to adjust your lifestyle, such as changing your footwear. This change reduces the frequency of micro traumas to a joint. Also, if you are overweight, consider shedding off the excess pounds to reduce stress on the affected joint.

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