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The medical study of Thymosin started in the 60s, and this study centered on the development of the thymus gland, which can be found in the immune system of the vertebrae. A doctor, Allan Goldstein, began a company that started formulating thymosin alpha 1 to help increase the cell activities of the immune system and you will also know tb500 side effects.


This led to further advancement of the research to produce thymosin beta 4, popularly known as TB-500, which has been found to accelerate wound repair and healing. While this product cannot be termed a ‘prescription’ drug, it contains peptides that have been used in horse racing to hinder adhesion formation. You can find more here on the role of peptides in the body.

TB500 Side Effects

TB500 Side Effects


History and First Use

Humans started using Thymosin in 1974, and the first recorded case of its use was carried out on a little girl who had a problem with her thymus gland. Fast forward many years later, many biohackers and athletes have started using the product with relative ease. But before we continue, we might want to talk about what this product is. So what is TB-500?

Thymosin Beta 500, popularly known as TB-500, is simply a synthetic peptide present in naturally occurring proteins present in all mammalian cells. In these cells, they are usually present as Thymosin Beta 4 (TB4). This substance is believed to have great benefits and effects on injury recovery, wound healing, inflammation, and flexibility.


Recent studies have indicated the positive impact of this substance on blood vessels and blood cell development, cell migration, and cellular differentiation. Its healing abilities are due to its capability to regulate the production of actin.

Actin is a protein that is essential for wound repairs and healing. You can check this link https://www.peptidesuk.com/TB500-5mg for where to source good options if you need a solution for healing wounds.

Cell Activities

The thymus gland produces TB-500, and it can also be found in wound fluids in high concentrations. Studies reveal its healing properties and also its ability to repair heart issues, cornea issues, and even skin issues.

Since this substance is naturally occurring, it is also found in blood platelets in high concentrations. Some people mistake this substance for growth facilitators, but they regulate protein peptides. Scientific studies have confirmed that the gene responsible for coding TB-4 is always the first to be triggered immediately after an injury or accident.

TB-4 is present in all animal and human cells, and it is naturally occurring. On the flip side, TB-500 is a synthetic version of TB-4 which helps to facilitate comparable recovery and healing by helping to build new muscle tissue fibers, new blood vessels, and new blood cells, and even enhance cell migration.


So if a person is injured or stressed, TB-4 or TB-500 may just be what the person needs to feel a lot better.

How Does TB 500 Work?

Some patients just know that this product can help them feel better. It may be the work of scientists or doctors, but a little knowledge about its working principle might go a long way. TB 500 facilitates recovery by increasing the production of actin. By doing this, it enhances the healing effects of the body. Actin also promotes cell proliferation and migration.

This means that there is the formation of new blood vessels and reduced inflammation to optimize recovery and healing. Also, because of its unique cellular and molecular structure, it can always travel long distances throughout the body. So systematic effects can occur to help even distant injury sites on the body to further optimize flexibility and reduce inflammation.

We can agree now that this product has its benefits andĀ TB500 Side Effects. To make it more transparent, we are making a list of its significant benefits below;

  • It enhances muscle growth, increasing strength and endurance in the process.
  • It facilitates wound and injury healing.
  • It can go a long way to reduce the effects of pain and inflammation.
  • It increases the growth of hair, darkens grey hair, and enhances flexibility.
  • It also promotes the regeneration of skin tissues.
  • It helps to promote the regeneration of blood vessels.
  • It can also counter the effects of diabetes in most canines.
  • It provides soothing relief and healing at the cellular level. This may also include stem cells.

Does TB-500 Have a Prescribed Dosage?

First of all, it does. Just like any other drug or product, too much of it can be disastrous to the body. This substance comes in the form of a freeze-dried (lyophilized) powder, and it needs to be reconstructed with 0.9% of a substance called bacteriostatic sodium chloride.


Its dosage can range from 5-20 mg or 2-3 injections per week. The dosage can then be lowered after the first week or two to a maintenance dose of about half of the original dosage from the first week. It can also be taken once a week going forward.

Are There TB500 Side Effects?

As we have stated earlier, there are many positive effects associated with using this substance, ranging from reduced inflammation to improved flexibility, and enhanced recovery.

The peptide works efficiently to speed the healing process of injuries to the connective tissues like ligaments and tendons. Injuries to the muscles and skin can be influenced positively as well. However, there are some side effects to this substance.

Most peptides can cause nauseous feelings or feelings of lightheadedness upon medication. Also, there have been recorded cases of flu-like symptoms. However, the good news is that these adverse effects of peptides are deficient when using TB-500 compared to others. It is basically the most tolerated peptide among most users.



Just like other substances, this one is still undergoing a series of research, and studies are being conducted on humans and animals alike, even though we may have discovered some of its benefits and TB500 Side Effects, as we listed below.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, the results are promising, and it could be a game-changer in the world of medicine. Those who wish to start the medication would be wise to see a medical expert to seek advice concerning the issue. Health is wealth, or so they say. Stay healthy.

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