6 Lifestyle Changes to Help Control Type 2 Diabetes

No matter which diabetologist you consult with, all of them would tell you the best to beat type 2 diabetes is to make healthy lifestyle changes, follow a balanced and healthy diet. Type 2 diabetes has increased significantly all around the globe recently. Many new and effective medicines to control and manage type 2 diabetes are available today that weren’t earlier. However, no medication is useful if the person doesn’t make a healthy lifestyle and dietary changes.

Though medicines play a significant role in helping you combat the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and its ill-effects, you must take steps to control the onset of type 2 diabetes. Making a few adjustments in your lifestyle would ensure that you continue to live an active and healthy life without diabetes overpowering it.


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Lose weight

Losing weight can make a massive difference in your blood glucose levels and insulin resistance. If you have type 2 diabetes, losing around 10 to 15 pounds can make a huge difference in your blood glucose levels. People who are on the borderline of getting afflicted with type 2 diabetes can prevent it by reducing around 5 to 8 per cent of their body fat. The distribution of fat in the body can also impact the progression of type 2 diabetes. The people who have most of the fat in the belly region are the most prone to getting type 2 diabetes than the ones who have most of their fat distributed in thighs, legs, and arms in equal proportion.

Exercise regularly

Controlling type 2 diabetes becomes much easier when you are exercising regularly. Regularly exercising boosts your metabolism and maintains your blood sugar levels. Regular exercise would not only preserve your blood sugar level but also helps with weight management. High-intensity workout for 30 minutes every day or every alternate day as per your routine or as recommended by your diabetologist can be useful in curbing weight gain and preventing type 2 diabetes. People who already have type 2 diabetes would find it easier to manage the disease.

Stress Management

Stress management techniques such as yoga, meditation, listening to music, massage, and tai chi are known to help control and manage stress. Imbalanced stress levels can make it difficult for your body to control or manage the blood sugar levels and may lead to further health conditions and worsen the implications of type 2 diabetes.

Practicing the techniques mentioned above helps in controlling the stress levels and also offers better sleep. Irregular sleep cycle or less sleep can attract type 2 diabetes as per the study conducted in 2015. So, try to engage in yoga or tai chi once a day or listen to soothing music while working or whenever you can. At work, it reduces stress and significantly improves productivity.

Deep breathing techniques

Make it a habit to practice deep breathing every day before going to sleep. It would help promote mindfulness and provide relief from stress. When you practice deep breathing before sleeping regularly, you’ll notice improved sleeping patterns. It relaxes your mind and body and helps calm your sense, which prepares your body for a sound sleep.

Monitor Blood Sugar Levels

One way to ensure type 2 diabetes doesn’t take a toll on your life is to take a reading from home glucometer once in a while. They are readily available at a local pharmacy or online. It would provide you with the data that would let you know if there is any reason to get alarmed. Such information containing periodical reading would also make it easier for your diabetologistto take necessary action or change medication as required.

Healthy Diet and Medicine

A significant role that can manage type 2 diabetes depends on your diet and medicine. You should avoid junk food, fried food, sugary food, and frozen food and trulicity medicine as recommended by almost all diabetologists. However, trulicity price is not that high. Your diet should contain high amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, lean meat, low-fat meals, fat-free dairy, whole grains, lentils, and other foods that are nutritious and low fat.

Type 2 diabetes can be life-threatening when not controlled, and you can only manage it if you make these lifestyle changes. Such lifestyle changes are not optional for those suffering from type 2 diabetes but it’s part of the cure.